Memphis Wrestling Ep. 84 Results | UWN News

Memphis Wrestling Episode 84 | Memphis Wrestle Center | October 1, 2022

1. Match
Gio Savage defeated Cameron Cole via Count-Out
• Cameron Cole attacked Gio Savage after the Match

#andNew Memphis Wrestling Womens Champion Cassandra Golden has a video message for her fans.

2. Match
Nyxx defeated Shalonce Royal
• Shalonce attacked Nyxx after her faking a injury went wrong

Dustin Starr interviewed Brad Skimahorn & Uncle Mikey. Briar Skimahorn is not cleared ti compared and the Skimahorn’s father is in the hospital. Dysfunction comes out and Brandon Espinosa took a shot at Skimahorn’s father & Brad Skimahorn. He offered Brad to join Dysfunction but he declined and wants a match!

3. Match
Dysfunction defeated Brad Skimahorn & Uncle Mikey

4. Match
FatJitsu Challenge
K Toomer “defeated” The Hot Shots, & Storybook Prince Gaston
• “Big Trouble” Ben Bishop came out to take on K Toomer next but both destroyed the others once again
• both showed respect to each other

Main Event
Bullrope Match
Austin Lane defeated Matt Williams

Dustin Starr interviews the Hollywood Clique. They adressed the situation of last week. Ray Sanders lost his black & gold referee shirt after Jimmy Blaylock accused him of being paid of by Dustin Starr and how Ray Ray messed up multiple times. They attacked Ray Sanders but Derrick King made the save!

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