After a chaotic Episode last week Memphis Wrestling will start a new era with a new MEMPHIS WRESTLING HERITAGE CHAMPION!

After the shocking ending of last weeks Main Event… We have a new Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion in “The Genetic Nightmare” Mike Anthony! This week he’ll make his first appearence as Memphis Heritage Champion and let see what he’ll has to say!

After the shocking Main Event ending last week the now-former Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion “The Gunshow” Brett Michaels will be in action this week! Will we hear from the Gunshow after his title lost? And who’ll step up against Brett Michaels this week on Memphis TV?

After beating the likes of Austin Lane & Anthony Idol K Toomer wants more  competition! And to get to the next level he called out “The Manbeast” Rhino! The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion will be in the Memphis WrestleCenter this week to answer K Toomer’s Challenge!

Last week Van Viciouss defeated Derrick King in a impromtu match – but with the help of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock & his cane! This week the odds are even as they will face once again but this time in a special Tag Team bout! Who’ll team with who?

After leaving “Big Swole” Justin Cole tied in chain and a bloody Kid Wrestling the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Posse will be back on Memphis TV! Despite of highly demand for a suspension they will be back on TV. What will they do next in the WrestleCenter?

Austin Lane will held another Best Of The Bests challenge – but he wants to FACE 2 FACE with his old friend Matt! He wants to hear why he turned on him and aligned himself with Meklakov! Will Meklakov & Matt responds to the Best Of The Bests?

Trace Hunt vs. Gio Savage has been announced for this weeks Memphis Wrestling TV! Not only do they want to showcase themselves but also claim up the rankings for a possible Championship Match in the near future!

Watch Memphis Wrestling Saturday at Noon on Youtube!

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