Memphis Wrestling – Ep. 133 | Results + Video

Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 133 |  Memphis WrestleCenter | September 9, 2023

1. Match
Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship
The Gunshow (c) defeated Johnny Poke
• Dustin Starr revealed in the post-interview how much money they reached for St. Jude charity

Roberts Family Legacy cuts a promo on King Cobra, K Toomer & Mike Anthony in the Parking Lot.

2. Match
La Hustlers w/ Barbabas vs Austin Mulitalo & Brandon Berretta ended in a No Contest when Roberts Family Legacy attacked everyone
• after the match Roberts Family Legacy cut a promo for their Match at Dyer County Fair

We see some footage of MKZ & Dustin Starr being in the Action News 5 Studios.

3. Match
Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championships
Derrick King & Ray Ray Sanders (c) defeated Storybook Prince Gaston & Matt Williams

Terrence Ward interviewed the Lane Dynasty who denied another rematch with Tim Bosby for the Internet Championship.

Tim Grind is on the phone with someone backstage.

4. Match
“All The Way Ray” Collins defeated Main Event Bradley w/ Phil

Roberts Family Legacy didn’t want to wait for the Dyer County Fair so they returned to the Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter.

K Toomer & Mike Anthony came out and cut a promo on Roberts Family Legacy. They head out to the Parking Lot but got attacked by the Roberts. The show ended with Roberts Family Legacy retreating.

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