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Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 112 | Spring Break Part II of III | Memphis WrestleCenter | April 15, 2023

Aaron Roberts & Justin Case came out and cut a promo about a Open Challenge. The Open Challenge was accepted by Ryan Rembrandt.

1. Match
Aaron Roberts w/ Justin Case def. Ryan Rembrandt
• After the Match Aaron Roberts cut a promo that he is not done! He returned to the ring to wait for another challenge – which was answered by the returning Mike Anthony!

2. Match
Mike Anthon def. Aaron Roberts w/ Justin Case

We see a segment of Ellsworth Enterprises. They cut a promo about their plan & that it’ll be golden!

Austin Lane came out and cut a promo about his two losses to Tim Bosby. He will do a Best Of The Bests Challenge.

2. Match
Austin Lane def. Kenway

3. Match
Colton Cage & Uncle Mikey def. Van Viciouss & Jason Vain w/ Hollywood Clique
• Uncle Mikey cut a promo after the match where he challenged Main Event Bradley to a Hair vs. Hair Match!
• Colton Cage challenged Van Viciouss to a Match – if he wins he will get Jimmy Blaylock 1 on 1!

Big John Dalton tried to warn Mackenzie Morgan about Ellsworth Enterprise plans with Cassandra Golden, but Mackenzie doesn’t believe him.

Main Event
Memphis Wrestling Women’s Championship
Nyxx defeated Cassandra Golden (c), Mackenzie Morgan & Diana Taylor => TITLE CHANGE
• Ellsworth Enterprise interfered and set up a chair
• Nyxx used the chair to win the title and aligned herself with Ellsworth Enterprise

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