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Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 109 | Memphis WrestleCenter | March 25, 2023

1. Match
Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championships – No Rules Match
The Posse (c) def. Ray Sanders & Derrick King

Dustin Starr welcomed Barnabus The Leader & Maurice The Strong. They adressed their attack on K Toomer at SuperBout II. The Circuz challenged “Gunshow” Brett Michaels – who came to the ring ready to fight. The match is official for next week!

2. Match
Gio Savage & Draco def. Ellsworth Enterprise (Matt Williams & Storybook Prince Gaston)

We see a footage how the roster got brochures of Reverend Ash Taylor the past couple of weeks.

Dustin Starr welcomed Reverend Ash Taylor. He brought out Ray Collins, Jennifer Justice & Bulletproof Bruce. They are joining his group – but not Ray Collins! He stopped and got attacked by the group!

Main Event
Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship
Tim Bosby (c) def. Austin Lane
• after the match “The Franchise” Shane Douglas handed Tim Bosby the title

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