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Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 108 | Memphis WrestleCenter | March 18, 2023

Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion “The Gunshow” Brett Michaels came out and adressed the situation when Maurice The Strong w/ Barnabus The Leader attacked K Toomer in their title match. He called them out but 2023 Cobra Cup Winner “Big Trouble” Ben Bishop came out. Gunshow should have his eyes on him and not The Circus.

1. Match
Memphis Heritage Champion “Gunshow” Brett Michaels & 2023 Cobra Cup Winner “Big Trouble” Ben Bishop def. 2 local competitors

Ellsworth Enterprise are talking backstage until James Ellsworth called them via phone. Big John Dalton listened in the back…

2. Match
Nyxx def. “Dangerous” Diana Taylor w/ Hollywood Jimmy
• Ellsworth Enterprise was on commentary
• Diana Taylor walked out of Hollywood Clique

Big John Dalton talked with Mackenzie Morgan about Spring Break before Cassandra Golden came in. Cassandra & Mackenzie talked about how Mackenzie studied Cassandra’s moveset.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas came out and cut a promo before calling out Memphis Internet Champion Tim Bosby. He threw away the pink Internet Title and awarded Tim Bosby with the brand new Memphis Internet Title. He calls Tim Bosby the new Franchise of Memphis Wrestling but Austin Lane interrupted. He revealed that he will face Tim Bosby next week again for the title and “The Franchise” moniker.

We see a Barnabus The Leader & Maurice The Strong promo about K Toomer.

Aaron Roberts w/ Justin Case came out and cut a promo.

3. Match
Aaron Roberts def. a Memphis WrestleCenter Student
• after the Match they cut another promo on K Toomer

Ben Bishop confronted Gunshow backstage. He wants to prove to the Champion that he is worthy for the title.

Uncle Mikey came out to hype the Main Event. Main Event Bradley & Uncle Phil also came out to cut a promo.

Main Event
Uncle Mikey def. Uncle Phil w/ Main Event Bradley
• Uncle Phil & Main Event Bradley attacked Mikey after the bell and shaved his mustache

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