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Memphis Wrestling | Ep. 102 | Memphis WrestleCenter | February 4, 2023

We see a small rewind of last week (Ep. 101) when K Toomer won the Grind City Rumble.

The new Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion “The Gunshow” Brett Michaels came out. He enjoyed the pop before Grind City Rumble winner K Toomer came out to show some respect but the Hollywood Clique came out to interrupt. According to Hollywood Jimmy it was Colton Cage’s fault that K Toomer won and not Van Viciouss. A Tag Team challenge was made. It was accepted.

King Cobra comes out with a brand new Cobra Cup.

1. Match
Cobra Cup Round One
Jason Vain w/ Hollywood Clique def. Kid Wrestling

RynoJB got some autograph by James Ellsworth, who talk a bit with Storybook Prince Gatson & Matt Williams – who according to James Ellsworth couldn’t get the job done.

Reverend Ash Taylor came out. He talks to the crowd and introduce a “follower”: Brother Red.

2. Match
Cobra Cup Round One
Brother Red w/ Reverend Ash Taylor def. Gio Savage

Derrick King talked with King Cobra about his latest failures.

Dustin Starr welcomed James Ellsworth to the Memphis WrestleCenter. The fans do not love him. Dustin asked him about if he has something to do with the attack on Mackenzie Morgan. According to Mackenzie Morgan it was James Ellsworth! Ellsworth denied but he, Storybook Prince Gatson & Matt Williams attack her and it was him! Before anything can happen Nyxx & the Memphis Women’s Champion Cassandra Golden made the save.

Blake Christian cuts a promo on Aaron Roberts.

3. Match
Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship
Tim Bosby (c) def. Big Jack
• Bulletproof Bruce caused a distraction
• Austin Lane was on commentary but didn’t get a handshake with the Champion

Main Event
Memphis Heritage Champion Gunshow & K Toomer def. Hollywood Clique

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