Memphis Wresting – Episode 155 Line Up

This week on Memphis Wrestling, King Cobra returns, a huge Main Event looms, while one former WWE superstar seems… Stranded.

It’s the fastest hour in pro wrestling – it’s Memphis Wrestling!

Official Lineup:

King Cobra Returns!
As promised, Michael will indeed be alongside King Cobra, as Cobra returns to the WrestleCenter for the first time since the brutal attack from Sycho Simon at Christmas.

Cobra Cup Round 1
Mike Anthony vs Zay Washington
Cobra Cup action kicks off the program and what a contest it looks to be!

Triple Threat Tag Team Match
La Hustlers vs Steele Cross vs Twins of Salem
3 of the very best tag teams in the division are squaring off under unique circumstances! Who will prevail and possibly be in contention for a title opportunity?

How is the Gunshow?
We will recap what’s transpired and what we Think might be happening with The GunShow moving forward.

James Ellswoth Returns
But why?

Cobra Cup Round 1
K-Toomer vs Righteous Ryan Rembrandt with Reverend Ash Taylor & Brother Bruce
The Righteous Path looks to capture King Cobra’s Cup – but it might take a miracle to get thru the Master of Fatjitsu!

Feat of Strenght
Barnabas the Leader promises Maurice the Strong will perform another feat of strength!

Main Event – Grudge Trios Match
Nyxx Network (Nyxx, Sir Matthew & Lord Gaston) vs DDT Diana Taylor, Ray Ray Sanders & ???
Who will be DDT & Ray Ray’s partner? Who did they call last week? This should be good!

*lineup subject to change

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