Memphis Power Ranking Week 02, 2022; Ep. 47

1. “The GunShow” Brett Michaels 🆕️
The Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champion successfully defended his championship. In a No Rules match against “The Genetic Nightmare” Mike Anthony, Michaels was victorious! Not only does it mark the end of the rivalry between those two it was also Michaels’ third title defense!

2. Mike Anthony 🆕️
“The Genetic Nightmare” challenged “The Gunshow” Brett Michaels for the Memphis Heritage Title in a No Rules Match. While he was unsuccessful in his attempt, it took the Gunshow a Low Blow, Handcuffs & 3 Gunshow Lariats to beat Mike Anthony!

3. The Hotsteppers 🆕️
After losing the Tag Team Championships back to The Yung Goats Danny B. Good & DJ Brown were looking to get back in contender position. The father-son-Tag-Team defeated the first-ever Memphis Tag Team Champions The Skimahorns this week!

4. The Posse 🆕️
After their attack on The Yung Goats – especially on Aaron Roberts – The Posse got suspended by the Championship Committee. This week they sneaked their way into the WrestleCenter and attacked Rashed Lee – the blood brother of Zay Washington! Before they could do any more damage Zay Washington made the save. The Posse retreated but… They made the rivalry more personal with the Yung Goats!

5. Action Jackson 🆕️
Action Jackson made his return to Memphis Wrestling and defeated Carlos Alexander Rios. He is ready to rumble! Last year he was the runner-up of the inaugural Grind City Rumble – can he repeat it again or even win it? Stay tuned.


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