Matt Riviera’s Western States Reign

The Empire’s PR Rep Boyd Bradford reports on the greatest NWA Western States Heritage Champion in history.

January 16th, Won a Tournament in Santa Maria California to crown a new Champion.

February 7th 2015 – def. Americos – Graysville, AL
March 27th 2015 – def. Chris Masters – Santa Maria, CA
April 4th 2015 – def. Takabe Wantanbe – Dyersburg, TN
April 13th 2015 – def. Americos – Las Vegas, NV
May 15th 2015 – lost to Jeff Jarret – King City, CA
May 17th 2015 – def. Jeff Jarret – Chowchilla, CA
June 12th 2015 – def. Brian Kendrick – Santa Maria, CA
August 1st 2015 – went to a draw with Americos – Dyersburg, TN
August 8th 2015 – Carlito Colon – Santa Maria, CA
September 18th 2015 – def. Matt Sigmon – Santa Maria, CA

October 30th… Matt Riviera has an open challenge for the Western States Heritage Championship

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