Matches announced for 12/11 Championship Wrestling TV Taping announced! | UWN News

United Wrestling Network added 3 more Matches to the December 11 “Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield” Television Taping from Irvine Improv. The event will be headlined by Danny Limelight vs. Jordan Clearwater (c) for the United Wrestling World Championship.

Since Talos’ debut in United Wrestling Network he has been a huge problem for Jordan Clearwater’s World Championship challengers. Willie Mack was one of the challengers who lost his Championship Match due to Talos’ interference. Since PrimeTimeLive Willie Mack seeks for revenge on The Embassy but due to Talos he failed to get that revenge multiple times. Now they will face each other on December 11. Can Mack overcome Talos to get closer to the United Wrestling World Championship again?

Kevin Martenson recently won the United Wrestling Heritage Championship from “OUTLANDISH” Zicky Dice on Championship Wrestling and is now set to defend his title against Ju Dizz! Ju Dizz is granted this Championship opportunity after beating all 3 members of The Institution – he had to beat all members to get a Match with Jack Banning, which he lost at the last TV Tapings. Ju Dizz is no stranger to gold outside of United Wrestling Network and this could be his first Championship in UWN. But will he beat Kevin Martenson? The United Wrestling Heritage Championship means a lot to him as it was a title that he as a UWN OG chased for over 10 years. This will be a first (and maybe last) tough title defense for Kevin Martenson.

Since PrimeTimeLive both have been on each others neck after Savanna Stone attacked Zeda Zhang after her match with Alex Gracia. They both faced each other in Tag Team Matches and a One-on-One Match – which Zhang won – but this wasn’t the end. Now the Grudge Match is on for December 11! This match could be a sight for 2023 for the Women’s Division.

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