Main Event announces TV deal


NWA Main Event Wrestling: Back & Better Than Ever!
By: Mike Porter
January 9, 2008

Nashville, TN – NWA Main Event is proud to announce
the return of “The Crippler” Jeff Daniels. Jeff will
have the duties of match maker and co-producer of our
new television show. We met with a major network
representative last Tuesday morning and will sign a
contract with them for a one hour time slot. We will
also have a one hour time slot on a new, high power
independent TV station in southern Tennessee. The
station will be on 30 different cable systems across
the southern Tennessee and northern Alabama area. That
station hopes to be approved by the FCC and on the air
by March 2008. NWA Main Event is bringing their TV
show, previously the most highly rated local program,
to a new, larger viewing area.

NWA Main Event will be running several spot shows in
the southern and western Kentucky, middle Tennessee,
and northern Alabama areas, as well as a weekly show
in the Nashville area. These shows will be co-promoted
with Bert Prentice and the new NWA South Eastern
Championship Wrestling. The northern Alabama area
shows will be co-promoted with NWA Wrestle Birmingham
and Linda Marxx.

Thanks to all of the loyal NWA Main Event fans for all
of the encouragement for us to make this come back. So
watch out! NWA Main Event is back, STRONGER & BETTER

Mike Porter
National Wrestling Alliance
Board of Directors Alternate
P. O. Box 160224
Nashville, Tenn. 37216
Nashville, Tenn. 37207
Office: 615-262-4455
Mobile: 615-589-5685
Fax: 615-262-4433

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