Level Up Wrestling returns to live action on July 9, 2022 for RAISE UP! 8 Matches has been announced including 3 Championship bouts!

8-Bit Lit defeated The Enterprise and per stipulation J2 Mattioli got his LVL UP Championship re-match vs. Cameron August – which he won at LVL UP Drop It Like Its Hot. Not only that Michael Hopkins was awarded a GROUND ZERO Championship Match against Ju Dizz – which the M.A.W. lost at Drop It Like Its Hot. And KC Douglas? He was on the sidelines with a injury and had to watch his teammates fight for the Championships. At Drop It Like Its Hot he made a unannounced appearence and announced that he is next for the LVL UP Championship at RAISE UP!

And now it is official! ROCK 2 THE FUTURE will clash for the LEVEL UP Championship! This will be J2 Mattioli first title defense in his second reign and a special one! Both are the original students of B-Boy and it’s only fitting that they will battle it out for the Level Up Championship. But tension rose between the two when they lost to the newcomers Bamboo & Flama De Oro recently at the LVL Up Showcase episode on Youtube! It will be hard fought battle for the Level Up Championship!

Lam’s POV: KC Douglas is going into this match as a Underdog as he doesn’t have much experience in high-profile Championship Matches like J2 Mattioli. BUT – Because he knows J2 Mattioli very well due to training & them being a Tag Team. For J2 Mattioli it’ll be – maybe – the toughest title defense of both his runs. He will go into this as the favorite but he can’t underestimate his tag team partner & opponent. Especially with Jordan Cruz as a potential contender on the horizon…

Artorias won a Fatal 4 Way Match to become the No. 1 Contender for the Ground Zero Championship! But will he able to focus on his opponent & the Championship?

While this is a big chance for Artorias to win his first Championship, some tension between him & Some Dude Chilln are getting into his way to success. While Artorias wants SDC to be more focused SDC – of course – wants to chill. That cost them also a Match against The Shady Boyz… Ju Dizz isn’t blind and tried to manipulate SDC to join him because his friendship & his team with Artorias is going nowherte. SDC declined that offer but… Will that change the outcome of Sunday’s Championship Match?

Lam’s POV: While Some Dude Chilln got better under Artorias’ guidance, they still are not a perfect team and SDC is still chillin too much – according to Artorias. If Ju Dizz takes SDC under his wing and make him more aggressive maybe SDC could be as successful as Ju Dizz… The offer was declined at first but you never know what can happen going into this match… I see Ju Dizz with a title defense here.

Jordan Cruz defeated B-Boy via Submission at Drop It Like Its Hot but that wasn’t enough for the Modern Day Spartan… After the match B-Boy gave a heartfelt speech about Jordan Cruz who thank him with a Low Blow…

Now with revenge on his mind B-Boy is looking to get a win back – with help of his former student Michael Hopkins! B-Boy & Michael Hopkins will face Alpha Instinct (Jordan Cruz & CJ Tino) at the RAISE UP event. Cruz & Hopkins are no strangers to another as they faced each other countless times in 2021 including a 2 Out 3 Falls Match on a Showcase Episode. But can B-Boy & Hopkins beat the unit of Jordan Cruz & CJ Tino – who are wrestling consistantly as a team? For CJ Tino it is a big opportunity to show that he can hang with the biggest name Level Up Wrestling has to offer. Alpha Instinct goes into this one with a victory over Michael Hopkins too after defeating him & Miggy Rose at the latest LVL UP Showcase episode on Youtube.

Lam’s POV: While Hopkins & B-Boy have a connection due to the teacher/student past the team chemistry of Alpha Instinct will make the difference. Plus: With another win over B-Boy and the former No. 1 contender to the Ground Zero Title + 8 Bit Lit member Jordan Cruz could catapult himself to a Level Up Championship Match against J2 Mattioli or KC Douglas. With that on his mind victory is a must for Alpha Instinct!

“The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw made history when he defeated Bucio at MPW Summerfest to win the MPW National Championship. With holding the MPW National | North American Title + Jeff Roth & Cameron August holding the MPW Tag Team Championships The Enterprise is draped in MPW Gold!

At RAISE UP The Kingmaker will make his first Championship defense against – properly – the best National Champion since the title was reactivated last year: Brendan Divine! After losing the MPW Tag Team Titles Brendan Divine is looking to regain HIS National Championship for Millennium Pro Wrestling!

Lam’s POV: Can Brendan Divine do it in enemy’s territory? The Enterprise will have Robin Shaw’s back for sure. But this isn’t the first time Brendan’s back is against the wall. A best example for it is when he faced EVIL J2 Mattioli  for the MPW National Championship. The only problem here is that Robin Shaw is desperate to remain Champion after fighting so hard to not only get the title but also getting his North American Championship recognized! Plus it is his first Single Championship and he will do everything he can to retain it. I see The Kingmaker going in and out with the title because Brendan Divine will also have something else on his mind… Revenge on Jordan Cruz!

3 Way Match. Hunter Freeman. Miggy Rose. Sexy Fabrizio. Winner will challenge for the Ground Zero Championship!

For Hunter Freeman it is the chance to get back his Championship from Ju Dizz. Ju Dizz outsmarted Hunter Freeman to win the Championship! Freeman will be motivated to win this to get revenge on The Black Rose.

Miggy Rose is the current MPW Champion and wants to show Southern California that he can be a Champion on multiple promotions!

Sexy Fabrizio finally got revenge on the Shady Boyz at Quiet Storm by defeating DTF in a Hair vs. Hair Match. Now he wants to get some gold around his waist after being the Terrordome Runner-Up earlier this year.

Lam’s POV: While Hunter Freeman have some unfinished business with Ju Dizz I see Sexy Fabrizio winning this match. He is the one who has momentum of all 3 competitors in the Level Up Timeline and it is time for him to challenge for a Championship. Miggy Rose will add some great dynamic into this match while for Hunter Freeman another loss would add frustration which I hope he shows to go full rampage until he gets his title match.

Cameron August is out of action due to the Ladder Match at LEVEL UP Drop It Likes Its Hot which is why his Enterprise’s mate Jeff Roth is replacing him vs. Mike Camden. For Jeff Roth it is a big opportunity to prove himself against someone like Mike Camden!

Since returning to Pro Wrestling earlier this year Mike Camden hasn’t been so successful despite impressive performences. So for him to face Jeff Roth – who just recently won his first Championship – it is a great opportunity to show everyone that he still can hang with the new Generation of Level Up Wrestling.

Lam’s POV: While I’m sure Mike Camden will bring it I see Jeff Roth winning this match. He has been on a roll since joining The Enterprise and after winning his first Championship I’m sure that his confidence is on a all time high – for now. I see Jeff Roth winning this one here.

Flama De Oro made a lot of raves since his In-Ring debut, same goes for Bamboo. But there is a third man in the match who will make sure it will be all about him: Leo Canedo! For months he has been asking what he has to do to finally get recognition & respect – and maybe he will get that by beating the luchador newcomers at RAISE UP. But victory is not guaranteed because Flama & Bamboo recently scored a huge upset over Rock 2 The Future!

Lam’s POV: Despite Leo Canedo going into this one as a favorite for me but due to Bamboo & Flama De Oro’s unique style the outcome of this match is really open. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flama or Bamboo would win it – especially after scoring that upset last week on the Showcase episode.

It’s about Bragging Rights! Which duo is the best Tag Team of Level Up Pro Wrestling? Shady Boyz? The Block? Holy Storm? Los Otros? All 4 teams have something to prove!

After getting into Sexy Fabrizio’s nerves for 6 months it is time for the Shady Boyz, they are focus to become the SoCal Tag Team Of The Year – something they think they already are! They recently defeated the team of Artorias & Some Dude Chillin’ with a new devastating move and are looking to get another huge victory at RAISE UP.

The Holy Storm got a victory over The Block at LEVEL UP Drop It Like Its Hot in a great bout but lost to The Enterprise at the Showcase episode after it. They are here to stay!

The Block recently lost to The Holy Storm at Drop It Like Its Hot but proved to the live crowd that they are a team they should look out for. Plus JF3000 had a amazing performence against Jordan Cruz at the latest Showcase episode which could give both motivation to prove that they can be the No. 1 Tag Team in Level Up.

Los Otros made their debut recently and made a good impression. They are the underdogs in that match but if they can score a victory over the 3 established teams that would catapult their status in the Tag Division. They would definitely make a statement.

Lam’s POV: There is no real favorite in this one as all 4 teams have something to prove and went through wins & losses lately. I could see every team win this one because in a Fatal 4 Way Match everything can happen. BUT – because it is a Fatal 4 Way and there will be chaos I think Shady Boyz will walk out as the winners because they know how to use the chaos to their advantage. Plus they are the team who have been tagging together for the longest time.

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