This Saturday in La Mesa, California Level Up Pro Wrestling will held “Quiet Storm” event! 8 matches including a Championship Match!

Level Up Pro Wrestling will kick off with the Ground Zero Championship Match between Champion Huntet Freeman & Terrordome 2022 Winner Ju Dizz! This rivalry started at the Terrordome event in February…

After winning the Terrordome Ju Dizz took a close eye on the Main Event which was a title vs. title match between Ground Zero Champion Hunter Freeman & then-Level Up Champion J2 Mattioli. The Match ended in a No Contest after Ju Dizz took down both and made it official that he will go after the Ground Zero Championship! In the months going into Quiet Storm Hunter Freeman defended the Ground Zero Championship against the likes of Jordan Cruz & “Pretty” Peter Avalon and is more than ready to defend against Ju Dizz. But can he control his emotions in this title match against a man who used to be his friend? For Ju Dizz it’s all or nothing… And he is more than ready to everything he can to finally win a Championship in Level Up Pro Wrestling!

We never thought we would see the return of 8 Bit Lit or Rock 2 The Future but… After all 3 members J2 Mattioli, Michael Hopkins & KC Douglas get screwed of the Level Up Championship they will get back together for one common goal: Get revenge on The Enterprise & win the Level Up Championship!

Meanwhile… The Enterprise rules Level Up Pro Wrestling since Cameron August won the LVL UP Championship from J2 Mattioli. And they are looking to continue that – especially with such high stakes! If 8 Bit Lit wins, J2 will get his rematch for the title… IN A LADDER MATCH! But if The Enterprise wins, no member of 8 Bit Lit can challenge for the Level Up Championship as long as Cameron August is Champion! The Kingmaker Robin Shaw & Jackson Calhoun will do everything they can do to protect their investment and to finally get rid of 8 Bit Lit from the title picture.

What a run Brendan Divine has since MPW & LVL UP came back from pandemic. Former MPW National Champion, MPW Match Of The Year 2021 Match vs. Jordan Cruz, Possible MPW Re-Match Of The Year vs. Jordan Cruz, Millennium Cup Series 2022 Finalist… And he isn’t even close to be done this year! With Championships on his mind Brendan Divine is ready to make 2022 his year and make everyone a believer!

Mike Camden hasn’t been active in a pro wrestling for awhile so this match against Brendan Divine will be his biggest test. Not only to show the fans that he is still good but he is one of the best wrestlers in San Diego.

What a shocker that was at Mass Appeal: CJ Tino was able to score a victory over the reigning MPW Champion Barbie Boi. With that victory and the previous banter to hype up the one on one match the confident of CJ Tino received a massive boost. For Barbie Boi it marks the first loss in Level Up Pro Wrestling. Now he wants to get one back as he brings his Tag Team Partner Mylo with him. Myloboo Barbie is undefeated under the Level Up Pro Wrestling umbrella and want to continue their streak against Alpha Instinct.

It was supposed to be Sexy Fabrizio’s year… He fought tough in the Terrordome Rumble and was the Runner-Up in that match. But Sexy Fabrizio has one problem which ruined his momentum: Shady Boyz. Due to the Shady Boyz Fab suffered numerous of losses. But slowly the momentum is shifting: Sexy Fab’s team defeated The Shady Boyz’s team at Mass Appeal and Remi Morgan is out of action! Can Sexy Fabrizio finally turn the tables to get back his momentum? Or will DTF continue to be roadblock for Sexy Fab?

Since his loss to Sexy Fabrizio at My December 2021 Leo Canedo has changed… He changes his look and talks to his black mask – which he wears to the ring. He don’t want to be called a Menace and is looking to get the respect he deserve – specially from B-Boy! Rebel Storm was his first victim of attacks when Leo came back with his new persona and lost to The Menace at The Next Episode in March. At Mass Appeal in April Rebel Storm’s team got a victory over Leo’s team in a 6-Man Tag Team Match to even the score. Will Rebel Storm be able to beat Leo Canedo in the rematch this time?

JF3000 returned to San Diego – after a short stint in Las Vegas – to become a dominant force in SoCal. But plans changed… Bishop Thunderbird eliminated JF3000 in a Battle Royal – getting revenge for JF3000 attack at Mass Appeal! For both a win would boost their momentum possibly going for bigger things.

Bamboo vs. Xander Phillips vs. Bucio vs. Johnnie Robbie vs. B-Boy vs. SDC… A showcase match to not only get momentum but closer to a potential LVL UP Championship Match. For Bamboo & Xander Phillips it’s about proving themselves, to the roster & the fans that they – as new as they are – can hang with the LVL UP roster members. For SDC it’s another chance to prove himself for Artorias – do get his respect & for his own development. For Bucio & Johnnie Robbie it’s about keeping & growing their momentum. Both are having ton of momentum in MPW with Bucio being the current MPW National Champion while Johnnie Robbie showed her toughness against hard hitters like Duke Bennett & B-Boy! B-Boy – who is the most experienced wrestler in this match – will prove to the generation that the next step for them goes through him and that he still can hang with the young talents.

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