On June 11, 2022 Level Up Pro Wrestling will held their next big event: Drop It Like Its Hot! The Matchcard includes 8 Matches with 2 Championship bouts!

It All or Nothing! J2 Mattioli vs. Cameron August (c) for the Level Up Championship… In a LADDER MATCH! This rivalry between J2 Mattioli and The Enterprise all started last year when J2 became the first-ever Level Up Champion against “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw in the finals of LVL UP Victory in August 2021!

While J2 Mattioli defended his title against the likes of Ju Dizz, CJ Tino, Jordan Oasis, Terex, Danny Divine & Hunter Freeman The Enterprise added new members to their group: First Cameron August & Jeff Roth! And with the help of The Enterprise Cameron August defeated J2 Mattioli for the Level Up Title at The Next Episode in March 2022! “A diamond was shaped into a king” – which gave Robin Shaw the new moniker The Kingmaker.

The Enterprise just getting started with the title win of Cameron August. Cameron August defended against the likes of Brendan Divine, Michael Hopkins & KC Douglas which means August defeated all members of 8 Bit Lit – but with the help of The Enterprise of course. With the same goal in mind and all 3 suffered the same fate, Level Up Fatefuls saw the return of 8 Bit Lit! There was a lot on the line at Quiet Storm: If 8 Bit Lit had lost the match all 3 members wouldn’t have get another shot at August’s title while he is Champion. BUT 8 Bit Lit was able to defeat The Enterprise at Quiet Storm which gave J2 Mattioli the opportunity for the upcoming event to regain the title. This LADDER MATCH will be a final chapter to this rivalry – for now! Who’ll walk out as Level Up Champion? With both having their groups on the back the odds are even!

It was his night and nobody could have stopped him: Ju Dizz defeated Hunter Freeman for the Ground Zero Title by outsmarting him at Quiet Storm. With that title change a new era begins…

But he wasn’t the only one who was successful at LVL UP Quiet Storm. Michael Hopkins won – alongside his 8 Bit Lit Teammates J2 Mattioli & KC Douglas – a very important 6-Man Tag Team Match against The Enterprise! J2 Mattioli got himself another LVL UP Title Match against Cameron August. The M.A.W. wants to make “Drop It Like Its Hot” event another magical night for 8 BIT LIT by winning the GROUND ZERO Championship. But can he overcome “The Black Rose”? They both faced each other on United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield few weeks ago which Ju Dizz won. Will it happen again on Drop It Like Its Hot?

Jordan Cruz is the MAN in Southern California. The former United Wrestling Network Heritage Champion appears nearly everywhere and winning Championships left and right! He is set to make his NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING STRONG debut against JR Kratos on 6/19 at NJPW STRONG: IGNITION and just recently made his AEW debut on Dynamite & his In-Ring debut on AEW Rampage. The Modern Day Spartan could end up everywhere – due to his hard work the possibility are endless…

Meanwhile: B-Boy returned from a serious knee injury and worked his way back up. The SoCal legend became a GCW regular and proved time from time again by beating this generations stars from LVL Up on several 6-Man Scramble Matches. But to prove to everyone that he can hang with the bests in SoCal he has to face Jordan Cruz! That’s why he challenged Jordan Cruz after his Match at Quiet Storm to a one on one contest!

A victory over B-Boy would be another big accomplishment to his career and could catapult Jordan Cruz to a possible LEVEL UP Championship match against eitherJ2 Mattioli or Cameron August. Especially all the mentioned appearences for the Modern Day Spartan he is considered to be the favorite in that match. But we should never count out B-Boy. If he can get a victory over the rising Star Jordan Cruz… The Champions should watch out.

It was supposed to be his year… When Sexy Fabrizio became the Runner Up in the Terrordome Rumble (which was won by Ju Dizz – who became the Ground Zero Champion) everybody had the feeling that this year will be Sexy Fab’s year. But it all changed thanks to THE SHADY BOYZ!

Due to the Shady Boyz Sexy Fabrizio lost several matches and couldn’t climb the rank like we all expected. But that wasn’t enough… After Remi went out of action due to a injury Fabrizio finally faced DTF – who was supposed to team with Fab in the UltraBowl – at Quiet Storm but it was another trap… DTF provoked Sexy Fab so much that Fab got disqualified after a Low Blow to DTF! But DTF wouldn’t be DTF if he hasn’t had a plan… He wore a protection and outsmarted Fabrizio… Again! BUT causing another loss was not enough as he attacked him with a chair and cut his hair!

With that the stage is set for the final chapter at Drop It Like Its Hot! Who’ll go bald? Sexy Fabrizio or DTF? Will Sexy Fab finally get his revenge or will DTF humiliate him once again by cutting his hair again?

What a nightmare that was for The Enterprise at Quiet Storm… They had the match won against 8 Bit Lit but due to the enormous POWER UP by J2 Mattioli The Enterprise lost and J2 got his LVL UP Title Match vs. Cameron August! At Drop It Likes Its Hot the duo of Jeff Roth & The Kingmaker Robin Shaw are facing Artorias & Some Dude Chilln! Artorias & SDC bond as a team in the past year but lately the team took a hiatus as Artorias told SDC that SDC has to prove himself to continue this team. SDC competed in several matches and had some good performences – but good enough for Artorias? They returned to action together as a team at the 6/5 Showcase Show and defeated The Block – due to the distraction of the Holy Storm (Rebel Storm & Bishop Thunderbird). Artorias praised SDC after that win but was it a mistake to challenge The Enterprise? For Artorias it’s about revenge for what happend last year! When Artorias battled The Kingmaker Robin Shaw, Jackson Calhoun hit Artorias with his cane! With SDC on his side will he get his revenge? Or will the Stock continue to rise with The Enterprise?

Since finding his new-self Leo Canedo has been on a roll! He defeated the likes of “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw & Rebel Storm and still seeks for recognition & respect by his peers. His opponent at DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT: Flama De Oro!

Flama De Oro made his debut for LEVEL UP Wrestling on the 29/5 Showcase on Youtube Episode against Bamboo & J2 Mattioli and impressed a lot of people. A win over Leo Canedo would boost his career on Level Up instantly! But can he beat The Menace? With the current momentum Leo Canedo is getting closer to a LVL Up Championship!

Both have something to prove in that match. Bamboo debuted for Level Up Wrestling a few weeks ago and after some impressive performences he is set to make his debut for Millennium Pro Wrestling next. Some say Bamboo could be the next big luchador from San Diego… But can he overcome Mike Camden? Since the pandemic hit the world the Veteran got into a hiatus and recently returned to In-Ring competition on LVL Up Quiet Storm against MPW’s Brendan Divine! For him it is more important to get back on track and prove to him, his peers and the fans that he still got it!

At DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT Holy Storm & The Block will finally face off in a Tag Team Match! It’s a long time coming – especially for Bishop Thunderbird, Xander Phillips & JF3000!

It all began at Mass Appeal when JF3000 returned to SoCal and interfered in the SDC vs. Bishop Thunderbird Match. With that Juggernaut joining the LVL Up Roster a huge problem arrived… Few weeks later The Enterprise presented The Ultrabowl 2! Xander Phillips & Bishop Thunderbird eliminated Rebel Storm & JF3000 in a Tag Team bout to advance to the next round! Later at UltraBowl it went down to a Battle Royal where Bishop eliminated Xander & JF3000! Both saw their problem in Bishop Thunderbird and teamed up to cost him a Match. Because he is alone he seeks for help and lucky Rebel Storm was free to help. At the latest Showcase on Youtube Episode both teams cost each other matches and are now very pumped up to beat the other team at Drop It Like Its Hot!

** LEVEL UP Wrestling is available on Youtube while the big events are available at IWTV.**

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