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Level Up Pro Wrestling celebrated their 4th Anniversary with their Anniversary & Beers Burgers Bateman Event in September. Champions were crowned, Students made their Live Event debuts and a new shift in SoCal Wrestling started. Now at Critical Beatdown will the landscape of Level Up Pro Wrestling change again? 9 Matches were announces for this event. Let us take a look at the Line-Up.

Jordan Cruz & Michael Hopkins have a storied rivalry in Level Up Pro Wrestling. In the pandemic era both faced each other numerous times in Showcase Episodes including in a 2-Out-3 Falls Match. Now the time has come that they battle for the Level Up Championship live in front of a crowd!

For Michael Hopkins this Match means everything. Like he said in his promo his evolution from Player 1 to the Main Attraction Wrestler cost him a lot of friends & fans. But through the past year he was able to get them all back – will he able to end it all with the Level Up Championship? And despite he coming out on top in the 2 Out 3 Falls Match last year it was Jordan Cruz who climbed up the rankings and become Champion – and also got a WWE Try Out + competed at AEW Rampage. Hopkins would have faced J2 Mattioli at the Anniversary Show – he had the Scramble No. 1 Contenders Match at LVL UP: Unforgettable won when he hit the Tiger Driver on CJ Tino but the Modern Spartan stole the victory when he knocked out the M.A.W. with the Lariat from the back of his neck.

The winner of this match will have CJ Tino – who won a Fatal 4 Way No. 1 Contenders Match at LVL UP: 4th Anniversary – next as the challenger. Who’ll leave this Match as the Level Up Champion?

Hunter Freeman, Michael Hopkins, Artorias, Rebel Storm, CJ Tino. That are the names that The Black Rose defeated to defend his Ground Zero Championship. And with Barry Sweeney on his side Ju Dizz could held the Ground Zero Championship forever. But… At LVL UP: Critical Beatdown Ju Dizz will defend against The Enterprise’s Cameron August!

Ju Dizz is a well known friend of The Enterprise so this match could rise some tension in this friendship… Cameron August failed to become the No. 1 Contender to the Level Up Championship at the Anniversary Show and was the one who got pinned by CJ Tino in this match. September was not the Month for The Enterprise so far as the entire group lost all their MPW gold, even though they defeated WattsNES Monsters at Beers Burgers Bateman.

While Ju Dizz has Barry Sweeney on his side, Cameron August will have The Enterprise on his side. Knowing that Cameron August might have the numbers advantage. But will he beat Ju Dizz? Ju Dizz always found ways to play mind games with his challengers and somehow walk out as Champion.

Los Otros defeated The Enterprise at the Level Up On Youtube Showcase Episode and earned themselves a Tag Team Championship Match. This is not the first time they scored a “upset” victory. At LVL UP: Raise Up they defeated The Block, Holy Storm & Shady Boyz in a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match. Will they do it again for the Titles?

The Shady Boyz have been on a roll! They not only defeated Hunter Freeman & B-Boy at LVL UP: Unforgettable & won the LVL UP Tag Team Championships but also defended them against 2021 SoCal Best Tag Team Of The Year Brothers Divine at Beers Burgers Bateman! With that huge victory they are confident that they can defeat every team in Southern California. Will they beat Los Otros at Critical Beatdown or will Los Otros pull another upset?

We never thought 8 Bit Lit / Rock 2 The Future would get back together after what happend last year… But they did – thanks to The Enterprise! 8 Bit Lit defeated The Enterprise at LVL Up: Quiet Storm with J2 Mattioli & Michael Hopkins earning themselves a LVL Up & Ground Zero Championship Match. While Hopkins (failed to win the Ground Zero Title) & J2 (won the LVL UP Title) competed for the titles at Drop It Like Its Hot, KC Douglas was not cleared to compete but he announced that he’ll challenge for the LVL UP Title at LVL UP: Raise Up. After it was clear that it’ll be KC Douglas vs. J2 Mattioli for the LVL UP Championship at Raise Up the tension rose between the two. On the road to Raise Up Rock 2 The Future lost to Bamboo & Flama De Oro after some miscommunication which lead to a heated argument. At LVL UP: Raise Up J2 Mattioli defended his LVL UP Championship successfully against KC Douglas and after the match KC Douglas lost his cool and kicked J2 right in the Playmakers! For the Illustrious One 8 Bit Lit is dead and he should be a No. 1 Contender for the Championship forever. While KC Douglas scored a big victory over Mike Camden, J2 Mattioli lost the LVL UP Championship to Jordan Cruz at the Anniversary Show & failed to win it back at Beers Burgers Bateman.

This match could be seen as a unofficial No. 1 Contenders Match. We know that CJ Tino is next in line due to his Fatal 4 Way win at the Anniversary but whoever walks out here as the winner have a strong argument for a LVL Up or Ground Zero Championship Match in the near future!

At LVL UP: Raise Up Mike Camden defeated Jeff Roth and to this day it bothers The Enterprise member. It even cost The Enterprise the match against Los Otros – who earned themselves a Tag Team Titles Match. After the match Jeff Roth called out Mike Camden and challenged him to a Tag Team Match. Mike Camden named Tommy Wilson as his partner against The Enterprise at LVL UP: Critical Beatdown. Can they beat The Enterprise? For them it is important to win because they want to get to the LVL UP Tag Team Championships. It’s a must win for The Enterprise!

CRITICAL SCRAMBLE! 5 Competitors will battle it out! All 5 competitors have something to prove! Let us take a look!

JEREMIAH FRESH: Jeremiah Fresh had 2 outstanding debut performences against Ju Dizz (Showcase on Youtube) & Michael Hopkins (Anniversary Show / Live Event debut). Fresh wants to show the entire roster that he is here to stay and what a way to do it against 5 upcoming guys themselves? A win by Jeremiah Fresh would be a big upset but due to his previous performences not a shock.

SUNSET TIGER: Sunset Tiger had a great Live Event debut against B-Boy and already showed in Showcase Matches that he can go! Like Jeremiah Fresh a win by Sunset Tiger would be a upset but not a surprise. His unique style of Slap-Fu could get him to victory.

FLAMA DE ORO: Flama De Oro has a light losing streak going on. He & Bamboo failed to win the LVL UP Tag Team Championship at the LVL UP: 4th Anniversary show and lost to Bamboo in a friendly Match at a Showcase Episode on Youtube. A win in this Scramble Match could get him back on winning ways.

FABRIZIO MAMBA: Not easy times for Fabrizio Mamba. He lost to Leo Canedo on a Showcase Episode on Youtube, failed to become No. 1 Contender at the LVL UP: Anniversary Show and to win the title at Beers Burgers Bateman. Can he somehow turn the tables in his favor and get closer to a title match again?

REBEL STORM: So close! Holy Storm was very close winning the LVL UP Tag Team Championships at the Anniversary Show but the Shady Boyz went away as Champions. While Rebel Storm wants to win the Tag Team Titles, he also want to be successful as a Single competitor – especially after being so close winning the Ground Zero Championship at LVL UP: Unforgettable!

In the Battle Royal for the LVL UP Tag Team Championships both teams clashed against each which lead to this Tag Team Match. This could be seen as a unofficial No. 1 Contenders Match for the Tag Team Championships. The Block would have go into this match due to their team chemistry but now that Artorias & SDC being back on the same page it could be a different story. Whoever walks out as LVL UP Tag Team Champions at this event should have their eyes on this match as they could face their potential challengers.

Bamboo is one of the upcoming talents in Level Up Pro Wrestling and one of the upcoming Luchador in California overall. He already makes round around Southern California & Mexico and now he’ll face his toughest test in Super Astro Jr.! For him it’ll be a Dream Match as Super Astro Jr. is well known in Mexico for his time in CMLL! A win over him would not only be a upset but a huge statement for Bamboo! This could be a door opener to more & bigger opportunities in Mexico for Bamboo! But he’ll be able to beat the Veteran?

It’s Teacher vs. Student, B-Boy vs. CJ Tino. Especially for CJ Tino it’ll be a huge test before he challenges for the LVL UP Championship. But why was it so important for CJ Tino to have this match against B-Boy? Both faced each other a few months ago in a Tag Team Match while CJ Tino was still part of Alpha Instinct. They used some “dirty” tactics but now with Alpha Instinct no more CJ Tino wants to show that he can do it without and that he can carry this promotion. Especially after losing to Ju Dizz at Beers Burgers Bateman a win is a must for CJ Tino to get enough momentum before challenging for the LVL UP Championship. But what if B-Boy walks out the winner? That would catapult him as the next Contender after CJ Tino! And there is still some unfinished business between B-Boy & Jordan Cruz – if the Modern Spartan walks out as Champion! Or… B-Boy vs. Michael Hopkins for the LVL UP Championship? This could be a match that lead into interesting future Championship Matches.

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