Loser Leaves Town Podcast: TJ Perkins and Casandro

Bix of CagedSideSeats.com, recently sat down with two of Lucha Va Voom’s regulars, El Bombero and Casandro. for the Loser Leaves Town Podcast.

…T.J. Perkins (AKA Pinoy Boy/Puma/Cobra II, currently El Bombero in Lucha Va Voom) to discuss his travels around the world as a 25 year-old who’s a 10 year veteran. Lots of great stuff about going to New Japan and the LA Dojo including wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, the MMA training that led to him actually having fights, becoming Cobra II while being tempted with promises of maybe eventually being Tiger Mask V, and much more.

After that is Cassandro, the top exotico in wrestling today. A 21 year veteran, he talks about his pre-wrestling career as a medical assistant, being trained by Rey Misterio Sr. in the class that included the original Psicosis/Nicho and a very young Rey Mysterio (Jr.), wrestling in Juarez and El Paso, being a gay man in the wrestling business in Mexico, how Antonio Peña helped him and others, his current travels around the world (including wrestling El Hijo del Santo at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France!), and more.

All in all, a very fun hour of interviews.

Download it here.

You can check out the (newly redesigned) archive of past shows at LoserLeavesTown.net.

Really interesting read. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it. And here’s a match featuring Perkins wrestling Casandro as Cobra II.

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