Levi Shapiro is the United TV Champion

Levi Shapiro cashed in his opportunity to become the 16th United Wrestling Network Television Champion by finally defeating Dan Joseph at CWFH. The two had faced off 3 times before Shapiro was finally able to win the championship.

This past weekend Howdy’s quest for Gold has finally been realized. Levi Shapiro finally bested now former United Wrestling Network TV Champion Dan Joseph this weekend on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Shapiro was known more as a tag team wrestler up until January 27th 2020 when his tag team fell apart.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Buddy Royal and Shapiro were unable to defeat the Friendship Farm. As the Classic Connection, Royal and Shapiro had achieved high levels of success but were unable to replicate that same success in the United Wrestling Network.

However, since Shapiro ditched his old partner and joined the tutelage of Howdy Price, Shapiro’s singles career kicked off with a DQ victory over Joseph. He would rack up wins over Banning and Royal before getting another title match at Joseph in April. Not able to get the W, he would go back to the drawing board and get a victory over new-comer Adriel Noctis.

Shapiro couldn’t cash in, on the first episode of Prime Time LIVE, Joseph was able to retain his title. Shapiro’s second appearance on PTL would lead to a victory. And this past weekend, he finally was able to defeat Joseph for the title.

To the former champion’s credit Joseph had defended the title successfully; Ice Williams, EJ Sparks, Slice Boogie, and Dom Kubrick.

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