Level Up Tag Team Championship announced! Inaugural Champions be crowned at LVL Anniversary! | Level Up News

Level Up Pro Wrestling announced that they will introduce Level Up Tag Team Championships! The inaugural Champions will be crowned at the Level Up Anniversary Show on September 3rd, 2022 in a Special Battle Royal Match! In this Special Battle Royal both members of a Team have to be eliminated and the last 2 teams left will battle it out in a traditional Tag Team Match for the Level Up Wrestling Tag Team Championship!

Announced for the Battle Royal:
• Artorias & SDC
• Flama De Oro & Bamboo
• The Block
• The Shady Boyz
• Holy Storm
• Los Otros
• Coach Mack Wilkes & Principal Truman S. Steele
• The Enterprise

Level Up Pro Wrestling returns to

Attitude Brewing Company
3052 El Cajon BLVD STE. A
San Diego, CA 92104

for the Level Up Pro Wrestling Anniversary on September 3, 2022!

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