Level Up Showcase on Youtube Results | October 23, 2022 | LVL UP News

Level Up Pro Wrestling Showcase Results | October 23, 2022

Michael Hopnins confronts KC Douglas about his actions vs. J2 Mattioli at Critical Beatdown. KC declined the challenge to a Single Match but makes a different offer: A Tag Team Elimination Match! Hopkins accepts.

1. Match
LVL UP Tag Team Champions Shady Boyz defeated Sunset Tiger & Flama De Oro
• Shady Boyz cut a promo on High Fantasy, their next challengers for the Tag Team Titles

KC Douglas recruits Coach Mack Walkes & The Block for his team.

2. Match
Mike Camden defeated Jeremiah Fresh

Jeff Roth confronts CJ Tino about their upcoming Match at the Episode and the Jackal warns Mr. 511 that he will do everything he can to break his arm so he can face Tyler Bateman!

3. Match
Leo Canedo defeated Nocturne Jr.

Michael Hopkiks recruits Jeremiah Fresh for his Team.

Flama De Oro with a Promo on Robin Shaw after what happend at Critical Beatdown with Bamboo.

4. Match
JD Vulcan defeated Xander Phillips

Robin Shaw with a message for Flama De Oro.

Michael Hopkins recruits Sunset Tiger & B-Boy for his Team.

Main Event
CJ Tino defeated Jeff Roth
• CJ Tino cut a promo on Tyler Bateman & Jordan Cruz after the Match

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