Level Up Showcase on Youtube | November 27, 2022 | LVL UP News

Level Up Pro Wrestling Showcase on Youtube | November 27, 2022

The Camera Man caught Ju Dizz & Jordan Cruz backstage talking about a “plan”.

1. Match
Some Dude Chilln’ defeated LVL UP Tag Team Champion DTF w/ Remi Morgan
• The Shady Boyz attacked SDC after the Match

2. Match
Ground Zero Champion Ju Dizz defeated JF3000 w/ Xander Phillips

3. Match
LVL UP Champion Jordan Cruz defeated Bamboo

4. Match
J2 Mattioli defeated Noctune Jr.

5. Match
The Enterprise (Robin Shaw & Jeff Roth) & Coach Mack Wilkes defeated Flama De Oro, Jeremiah Fresh & Sunset Tiger

Main Event
CJ Tino vs. Fabrizio ended in a No Contesr when Jordan Cruz & Ju Dizz interfered
• CJ & Fabrizio fought them off and pose with the belts

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