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LEVEL UP WRESTLING will present UNFORGETTABLE on August 8, 2022. 8 Matches have been announced including 2 Championship Matches.

What a match up this is! LEVEL UP Champion “The Playmaker” J2 Mattioli, in his second run, will defend his Championship against… TYLER BATEMAN!

Tyler Bateman defeated Jordan Cruz at LVL UP The Next Episode in March and is 3-0 against The Modern Spartan (wins over Jordan Cruz also on MPW & PRESTIGE WRESTLING). Which that wins alone Tyler Bateman earned himself a LVL Up Championship Match.

For J2 Mattioli it will be the toughest test of his Championship Run. But is he emotional focused to take on THE GAWD DAMN MAN? After the shocking betrayal of KC Douglas at LEVEL UP Raise Up J2 Mattioli is going through a lot of emotion. With so many fans, including the 8-Bit Lit members, waiting so long for the reunion. To beat Bateman J2 Mattioli must be 100% focused – if not he will lose the Level Up Championship! Especially with the possibility that he could face KC Douglas again – if The Illustrious One wins the Scramble Match – or… Michael Hopkins! To get himself momentum after this drama he defeated Bamboo in a Level Up Championship Bout at the Showcase Episode before this event. J2 vs. Bateman has the potential to be a Match Of The Year candidate.

6 Competitors. 1 Goal: A shot at the Level Up Pro Wrestling Championship! Let us take a look at the competitors.

KC DOUGLAS: The Illustrious One shocked the Level Up Faithfuls when he attacked his 8 Bit Lit / Rock 2 The Future partner KC Douglas after their Level Up Championship Match! They reunited with one thing in mind: Getting the title of The Enterprise and after failing to win the title of J2 Mattioli it’s all about KC Douglas! 8 Bit Lit is dead and he will do everything he can to get another shot at the Title and J2 Mattioli!

MICHAEL HOPKINS: While the M.A.W. is conflicted with the 8 Bit Lit drama, he is ready to finally get some gold around his waist. He was very close winning the Ground Zero Championship from Ju Dizz a few momths ago and with that on his mind, he will be more than motivated to become No. 1 Contender to the Level Up Championship! But if he wins he could face J2 Mattioli for the title – if J2 is successful against Tyler Bateman.

ROBIN SHAW: “The Kingmaker” Robin Shaw is the current reigning & defending MPW National | North American Champion. Under his wing he formed Cameron August & Jeff Roth into Champions. But could it be the time for the Kingmaker to become the King of Level Up Pro Wrestling? There is some unfinished business between Shaw & the title as he was the one who lost the Finals to J2 Mattioli one year ago!

JORDAN CRUZ: Despite some losses here and there Jordan Cruz has all the momentum in the World. From defeating B-Boy, deliever another MOTY candidate with Brendan Divine, to his NJPW Strong debut and more. For him it is finally time to held Gold in his home promotion – no matter who the Champion is at the end of the night!

CJ TINO: Mr. 551 is claiming up the rankings and this is the biggest opportunity for him – as of now! With his Alpha Instinct partner Jordan Cruz the Tag Team has a huge advantage in this Scramble Match but at the same time…. It’s every man for themselves. We will see if he can power way through the match to the No. 1 Contendership for the Level Up Championship.

JOHNNIE ROBBIE: Johnnie Robbie is the current reigning Venue Wrestling Entertainment Women’s Champion and has been killing it everywhere she goes. She may be the dark horse in this match but you should never count her out. And she proves she can hang with the bests in Southern California – male and female!

Hunter Freeman is back on track! After winning the 3-Way Match vs. Miggy Rose & Sexy Fabrizio he is now the No.1 Contender for the Ground Zero Championship – which means that he is close to facing Ju Dizz in a rematch for the Championship. He should be focused to get his title back… Should…

The Shady Boyz – who failed to win the Fatal 4 Way Tag Team bout – attacked Hunter Freeman in a Interview segment and at the Parking Lot. They have something to prove after Sexy Fabrizio finally got one over them and losing the Fatal 4 Way Tag Match. But they might pick the wrong person to pick a fight with…

B-Boy caught Hunter Freeman after the assault in the Parking Lot and made fun of him for getting beat up by The Shady Boyz. But he accepted Freeman’s offer to face them at LVL UP Unforgettable! Why should The Shady Boyz be worried that B-Boy is Hunter Freeman’s partner? The last time The Shadys were in a Match with B-Boy – it was a 6-Man Tag Team Match – Remi got injured by B-Boy which prevented Remi to be ringside for Sexy Fabrizio vs. DTF at LVL UP Quiet Storm.

It’s about revenge and… HARDCORE! It will benefit Hunter Freeman & B-Boy but you never know what The Shady Boyz bring up to the table to win that match in their style!

This unlikely duo of Artorias & Some Dude Chilln had some issues the past couple of months. While SDC is all about chilln, Artorias wanted him to be more aggressive & focus in his matches. Which is why Artorias left SDC for a while so he can focus on himself and find ways to impress him. SDC took that to heart and proved in few matches that he can be serious but it didn’t took long when he fall back into his chilln’ mode in matches – when Artorias returned as his team partner.

While Artorias being successful in becoming the No.1 Contender for the Ground Zero Title the team itself lost some matches. When they lost a Match at a Showcase Episode Ju Dizz played mind games and offered SDC to take him under his wing so he can finally win matches! He asked SDC what Artorias ever done for SDC except screaming at him to be more serious. While SDC declined that offer when he was hurt but when Artorias finally challenged Ju Dizz SDC was really conflicted to accept the offer or not… At the end he decided to stay with Artorias and prevented Ju Dizz to use the Championship title in that match! But somehow that backfired and cost Artorias the Ground Zero Championship Match…

Some Dude Chilln’ tried to apologize right away but Artorias was so furious about him that he pushed him away and left the venue alone by himself… Now with that match is set, will this match settle the issues between those two?

At the Level Up Pro Wrestling Showcase Episode from July 24, 2022 Rebel Storm won a Battle Royal to become the No. 1 Contender to the Ground Zero Championship!

But Ju Dizz isn’t very impressed by The Thunder Wonder from what Rebel Storm revealed at the LISTEN UP by Level Up Pro Wrestling Episode 12. According to Rebel Storm Ju Dizz said that “he (Ju Dizz) doesn’t have any competition and that Rebel Storm didn’t earn to face for the title. He has to climb the ladder to get even close to where he is at.” Motivated by those words Rebel Storm wants to win the title and defend it against Hunter Freeman, who brought him to the Level Up Pro Wrestling School.

But will he dethrone the Black Rose? It’s fair to say that since Ju Dizz turned on Hunter Freeman at Terrordome he has been on another level. He defeated Michael Hopkins at the last event and with statements like mentioned he is overlooking Rebel Storm and already focused on his soon title defense vs. Hunter Freeman. But he shouldn’t because Rebel Storm will bring his high energy into this match and it will be a tough fight for Ju Dizz! But as mentioned… Hunter Freeman as the next contender for the Ground Zero Championship is on the horizon… And he is fired up to get his hands on Ju Dizz – even he would love to face Rebel Storm for the title.

At the Showcase Episode of July 14, 2022 The Block asked Leo Cañedo if he wants to team up with them against Sexy Fabrizio, Bamboo & Flama De Oro – all people Leo faced in the past 6 months. He agreed to join them for this 6-Man Tag Team Match at Unforgettable. A huge opportunity for The Block to get under Leo Cañedo’s momentum because of his big wins lately on Level Up Pro Wrestling – especially against Bamboo & Flama De Oro – and they want to prove why they are THE Tag Team everybody should have their eyes on.

Why is the advantage on Leo Cañedo & The Block side? Leo Canedo has history with all of the 3 opponents. But will this play a role in the 6-Man Tag Match? Sexy Fabrizio, Bamboo & Flama De Oro lost at the last big event and are looking to get momentum back. Especially Sexy Fabrizio – who was very close in becoming No. 1 Contender to the Ground Zero Championship.

Los Otros made their big live event debut last month at RAISE UP and defeated 3 established teams in The Shady Boyz, The Block & The Holy Storm! But now they have their biggest challenge in front of them: The Enterprise! Jeff Roth lost to Mike Camden at RAISE UP last week and has the feeling he needs a big win and with the returning Cameron August. For The Enterprise it is a must win as they want to put a stample to the Level Up Tag Division that they are THE TAG TEAM in San Diego! Will Los Otros score another big upset victory at their second Live Event?

Mike Camden delievered a Match Of The Night match with Jeff Roth at RAISE UP and scored a victory – after suffering some loses lately. At Unforgettable he will face the newcomer Coach Mack Wilkes. According to Mack Wilkes & his manager Mike Camden is good but not better than Mack Wilkes. If the Coac is able to beat The Vet it will not only be a huge upset but it would put the Level Up Locker Room on notice!

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