Level Up Pro Wrestling: Terrordome 2023 Preview | LVL UP News

Level Up Pro Wrestling will held their first Live Event of 2023 this Saturday: TERRORDOME! 6 Matches have been announced including 3 Championship Matches & the Terrordome Rumble!


IT’S TIME TO RUMBLE! 30 Competitors will battle in the Rumble with a Championship Opportunity of his choice on the horizon. The last years winner was Ju Dizz who became the Ground Zero Champion thanks to the Terrordome Rumble win. J2 Mattioli is one of the favorites to win the Terrordome Rumble due to his recent win against B-Boy and his experience in winning Championship gold. The other ones are former Level Up Champions Cameron August & Jordan Cruz – who enter the Terrordome as the No. 1 entry! If we go size wise there are Robin Shaw & JF3000 who will be difficult to eliminate. The Rumble Match is stacked and who ever comes out as the winner the Champions should watch this match very closely.

CJ Tino did the unthinkable when he won the Level Up Pro Wrestling from Jordan Cruz – who is considered the best Wrestler in Southern California and one of the best at the West Coast overall – at Touch The Sky. Now he will go into his first title defense against someone who he consideres as one of his day ones in Jeff Roth! Both faced each other at a Showcase Episode prior Touch The Sky which CJ Tino won but it was very close.

Jeff Roth has something to prove – not only because The Enterprise is no more – but that he can hang and beat the best in Level Up Pro Wrestling! Especially with facing one of his day one and former LVL UP Classmate this will be a special bout… But will this special Championship bout be effected by a other Champion? Barry Sweeney – manager & friend of Ground Zero Champion Ju Dizz – has offered Jeff Roth the guidence of the Black Rose. Will “The Jackal” consider accepting the offer? And how will it effect CJ Tino who is a Co-Host of the Listen Up Podcast with Barry Sweeney?

Ju Dizz has been the Ground Zero Champion for 177 Days so far and have defeated the names of names in Southern California. He will defend his Championship in a Open Challenge so we have no idea who will show up to challenge him. It could be someone from Southern California, Mexico or… Someone from Level Up Pro Wrestling! Whoever it is, he should be well prepared against The Black Rose.

No Disqualification for the Level Up Tag Team Championships! After 2 controversal Level Up Tag Team Championship Matches between The Shady Boyz & High Fantasy this will be the rubber match! Can High Fantasy finally become the Level Up Tag Team Champions? Or will the Shady Boyz retain once again? This No DQ Match clearly favorites the Champion who are masters of using dirty tactics and foreign objects.

Both – Fabrizio & B-Boy – lost their at Touch The Sky. Fabrizio lost his Ground Zero Championship Match to Ju Dizz and B-Boy lost to J2 Mattioli. Both have something to prove… And not only that this will be a Teacher vs. Student Match! Can Fabrizio overcome his mentor B-Boy? 2022 was supposed to be Fabrizio’s year but it wasn’t. A win over B-Boy would kick off his year big… But will it be Fabrizio’s year?

A Must Win Situation for Leo Canedo after what happend at Beers Burgers Bateman. At that event he faced Tyler Bateman for the first time and was knocked out by the GAWD DAMN MAN. Now he wants his revenge as he will embrace The Menace to beat Bateman. But will he? Bateman will be ready to knock Leo Canedo out once again and welcomes The Menace with open arms…

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