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On September 3, 2022 Level Up Pro Wrestling will celebrate their Anniversary with a huge Live Event from Attitude Brewing Company in San Diego, California! 3 huge Championship Matches including the crowining of the first-ever Level Up Tag Team Champions and several Live Event debuts!

The Main Event of Level Up Pro Wrestling 4th Anniversary: J2 Mattioli vs. Jordan Cruz for the Level Up Championship. The match everybody have been waiting for. While they faced other in the past, it was never for the Championship. Now… It’s the right time for that match be for the Championship and who is the face of Level Up Pro Wrestling.

J2 Mattioli is a 2x Level Up Champion and has regained the title at LVL UP Drop It Like Its Hot on June 11, 2022. Since then he defeated the likes of KC Douglas and Tyler Bateman – a man Jordan Cruz was not able to beat in the past (Millennium Pro Wrestling, Level Up Wrestling & Prestige Wrestling). Not only that the Playmaker is going to places like Las Vegas or soon West Coast Pro Wrestling. And this is just the beginning of his journey as he will continue to grow as a performer. He’s already testing new waters with his new persona outside of Level Up Pro Wrestling but at the Anniversary it’ll be a fight as  he is looking to continue his reign as Champion and being the Face of Level Up Pro Wrestling. But why is Jordan Cruz the biggest threat to his Championship?

In many eyes Jordan Cruz is the unofficial face of Level Up Pro Wrestling. He defeated the best of the bests in Southern California like B-Boy, Michael Hopkins, KC Douglas, Robin Shaw, CJ Tino, Johnnie Robbie, Adrian Quest, Jordan Oasis, Brendan Divine and more! In the past couple of months the Modern Spartan debuted on West Coast Pro Wrestling & NJPW Strong + won Championships all over the West Coast. But he never won the Level Up Championship – and that is something he wants to change at the Anniversary Show! And he is not afraid to take down everyone for it like he did at Unforgettable when he pinned his own Alpha Instinct partner CJ Tino…

Note: From close sources J2 Mattioli is going into this match not 100% – despite being on vacation to heal himself up. Appearently those title defenses vs. KC Douglas & Tyler Bateman took their toes. Will his J2’s neck be ok going into this Title defense against Jordan Cruz? With the Titan Driver & the Lariat to the Neck the Modern Spartan has moves in his arsenal to hurt his neck even more!

Whoever walks out as Level Up Champion, will carry the flag proudly and everywhere in Southern California + beyond! This is Match Of The Year candidate you can not miss!

Hunter Freeman. Ju Dizz. Ground Zero Championship… In a 2/3 Doors Match! What is a 2/3 Doors Match? Simple: You have to put your opponent through 2 Doors to win the match – kinda like a 2 Out 3 Falls Match. This 2/3 Doors Match could be the final chapter in this all year long rivalry for the Ground Zero Championship! Let us take a look back hpw it all began…

In January 2022 Ju Dizz won the Terrordome Rumble and gained the right to challenge for the Ground Zero Championship or Level Up Championship. Later that day Hunter Freeman faced J2 Mattioli for both – Ground Zero & Level Up Championship in the Main Event but that didn’t end with a clear winner as Terrordome Rumble winner Ju Dizz interfered to choose his opponent… And his choice was Hunter Freeman & the Ground Zero Championship! Months later at LVL UP Quiet Storm Ju Dizz outsmarted Hunter Freeman to become Champion. Since then Ju Dizz has been killing it as Ground Zero Champion as he defended the title against the likes of Michael Hopkins, Artorias & Rebel Storm while causing Chaos to defend his title at any cost like getting creating a riff between Artorias & SDC or costing Hunter Freeman the Hardcore Tag Match vs. The Shady Boyz by powerbombed him through a Barred Wired Table!

So Hunter Freeman has all the reasons to get angry about Ju Dizz and tried to get some revenge on the Black Rose. He interfered in the Ground Zero Championship Match between Ju Dizz & Rebel Storm and nearly cost Ju Dizz the belt – but the referee disqualified Rebel Storm for spearing accidently him few minutes prior. With Ju Dizz having his number Hunter Freeman will do everything he can to beat Ju Dizz in this 2/3 Doors Match which actually favors him because Freeman loves to put people through doors! Can he do it to Ju Dizz and regain his belt?

History will be made at the Anniversary Show with Level Up Wrestling will crown their first ever LVL UP Tag Team Champions in a Battle Royal! 8 Teams will compete in this match so… Lets take a look at the teams!

What a year for The Enterprise it is. This might be the most successful year ever! Cameron August became the Level Up Champion (lost the title back to J2 Mattioli at Drop It Like Its Hot), Robin Shaw won the MPW North American Championship in Alabama & the MPW National Championship, Jeff Roth & Cameron August won the MPW Tag Team Championship, Leo Canedo has been hired as a Mercenary and at the Anniversary Show The Enterprise could leave as the first ever LVL UP Tag Team Champions.

With all the dominance on MPW & LVL Up it sounds like its destiny that the LVL UP Tag Team Championship are coming home with The Enterprise. But will it be destiny? The Enterprise have to beat 7 other Tag Teams.

The Shady Boyz had a long rivalry with Fabrizio Mamba this year and made his wrestling career a living hell. But when they lost that final Match the focus shifted back to the Tag Team scene and to prove so they went after the toughest guy they could face: Hunter Freeman! But Freeman got back up in B-Boy and faced The Shady Boyz in a Hardcore Match – but thanks to Ju Dizz’s interference The Shady Boyz walked out as the winners. Now the sights are set for the LVL UP Tag Team Championships as they claim to be the best Tag Team in Southern California! With the way they found to win matches, they could walk out as Champions!

Rebel Storm is a former 2x MPW Tag Team Champion and now he wants to carry the Level Up Tag Team Division alongside Rev. Bishop Thunderbird. This duo have been a team for a few months now and are well beloved by the LVL Up Faithfuls. Will their high energy catapult them to the Level Up Tag Team Championships?

JF3000 made a huge impact when he returned to Level Up Pro Wrestling and is in the best shape of his professional career and he proved that he is ready to take on the bests in Level Up – like he did few ago against Jordan Cruz. With Xander Phillips on his side The Block wants to carry the Level Up Tag Team Division to the next level. Recently they had a great performence against 2021 SoCal Tag Team Of The Year Brothers Divine on MPW. With a match & performence they are more confident that they belong on top.

Bamboo & Flama De Oro are like frenemies as the faced against & teamed with each other since they debuted in Level Up Pro Wrestling. But there are one thing they want to represent proudly: Lucha Libre! With their technique & high flying they could be the break out Tag Team of the Year in Southern California… And the first ever Level Up Tag Team Champions?

Artorias & SDC are the team which had the most problems going into this Battle Royal. Why? Because they nearly broke up right before the announcement of the LVL UP Tag Team Championships!

They have teamed up for several months but the win-loss record of Artorias & SDC are not the best in Level Up Pro Wrestling – especially with clash of styles inside the team. While Artorias is more the serious, focused guy Some Dude Chilln’ is more of a… Chillin’ guy. The team started to struggle inside after a loss to The Enterprise and Ju Dizz trying to manipulate SDC against Artorias. It worked as SDC played a huge role in the Ground Zero Championship Match between Artorias & Ju Dizz – it cost Artorias the match to win the title! Due to those circumstances Artorias & SDC faced each other at LVL UP Unforgettable and to a surprise SDC outsmarted Artorias for the victory! He gained Artorias respect and now the both are ready to become the first ever LVL Up Tag Team Champions!

They haven’t been in Level Up Pro Wrestling for a long time but they made a name for themselves so far and already have a Live Event win in their pocket when they defeated 3 other teams in a 4 Way Team Match. Will they do it again in this Battle Royal when they face 7 other Teams?

The Teachers Lounge made their Live Event debut at LVL UP Unforgettable against Mike Camden and have not been able to beat The Vet. A win in this Battle Royal for the Tag Team Championship would be a huge surprise & upset. But in a Battle Royal everything is possible and imagine all the lessions the Teachers Lounge will give on Level Up Pro Wrestling when they win the Tag Titles.

The next challenger for the Level Up Championship will be decided in a Fatal 4 Way Match! Former Champion Cameron August, CJ Tino, Leo Canedo & Fabrizio Mamba will battle it out!

Cameron August won the Level Up Championship earlier this year from J2 Mattioli, but lost it in the first ever Ladder Match in Level Up Pro Wrestling at Drop It Like Its Hot. He is looking to get his title back and rule over Level Up Pro Wrestling ad their King.

CJ Tino is in a different mind state since being pinned in the Scramble No. 1 Contenders Match at LVL UP Unforgettable – by his own Alpha Instinct partner Jordan Cruz! He went back to Boston & Alaska to regenerate & get his head straight on his goal: Becoming a Champion! From all competitors he is the strongest and maybe his strength will be the huge difference maker here. If he wins this match – he could face Jordan Cruz if Cruz wins the title from J2! Could this be on his mind the entire match?

Fabrizio Mamba is looking to not only finally getting his shot at a Championship but also make sure that this year will end on his terms. He was the Terrordome Rumble Runner-Up earlier this year but the Shady Boyz nearly ruined the first half of this year. Now with that problem solved his sight is set for Championship gold! He failed to become No. 1 Contender for the Ground Zero Championship few Live Events ago so this time he will not let this opportunity slide so easily!

Since his persona changed Leo Canedo is undefeated in Level Up Pro Wrestling – no matter if it’s a Single, Tag Team, Multi Tag Team or Multi Man Match. Leo Canedo came out successful as the winner. Could he walk out as the winner & No. 1 Contender to the Level Up Championship? Well… As we know he is hired by The Enterprise as a Mercenary so he will do everything to help Cameron August. But will he do it? Or will Max The Mask tell him to not do it?

Since coming back to Level Up Pro Wrestling Mike Camden faced a great mix of Veterans & new talents. At the LVL UP Anniversary Show he will face KC Douglas! KC Douglas was not pleased at first but he accepted this match against Mike Camden with something to prove! Because after his performences vs. The Enterprise in the 6-Man Tag and vs. J2 Mattioli for the Level Up Championship he expectes to be included in No. 1 Contenders Matches / getting another shot for the title without having to earn it. If he is able to beat Mike Camden on a Live Event it could catapult him into title picture again, despite a No. 1 Contender being crowned! But it will not be easy as Mike Camden proved from time to time again that you should never count him out!

Sunset Tiger made a great impression in multiple Youtube Showcase episodes but now it’s time to make the Live Event debut! And what a way to make a debut against a SoCal legend & Level Up Head Coach B-Boy! But can he survive B-Boy?

B-Boy is pissed after he lost the Tag Team Hardcore Match alongside Hunter Freeman against The Shady Boyz (but also only due to outside interference by Ju Dizz)! So he’ll have some frustrations to put out in that match… Will Slap-Fu come out on top in the live debut or will the Legend get momentum before he goes for the title at Beer! Burger! Bateman!?

The M.A.W. Michael Hopkins will not be in the No. 1 Contenders Match… But he will a student who will make his Live Event debut! Jeremiah Fresh will not only make his Live Event debut… But his debut in general! He did not compete in any Level Up Youtube Showcase episodes prior his debut. Can he handle the pressure of competing in front of a crowd in his debut? And will he be able to pull the biggest upset in Level Up history by beating Michael Hopkins?

** Level Up Pro Wrestling Anniversary Show will be available on IWTV days/weeks later after the event. Make sure to follow Level Up Pro Wrestling on all social medias & Youtube! **

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