Level Up Pro Wrestling 2022 Year End Awards | LVL UP News

Level Up Pro Wrestling announced their Awards of 2022!

What a year for the Modern Spartan. Jordan Cruz dominated the Southern California scene and won Championships across the West Coast. In Level Up Pro Wrestling Jordan Cruz reached a new level starting from facing Bateman in a MOTY candidate to beating B-Boy, beating 5 Top SoCal Talents and finally becoming Level Up Champion! While he doesn’t end the year 2022 as the Champion – he lost the title to CJ Tino at Touch The Sky – it was surely his year.

The Shady Boyz made history this year by becoming the first ever Level Up Tag Team Champions. They defended the titles multiple times against High Fantasy and made the life of several talents a living hell like for example Barry Sweeney & Fabrizio. The Shadys are set to defend their titles against High Fantasy for a third time at Terrordome!

J2 Mattioli & Cameron August made history when they battled each other in the first ever Ladder Match in Level Up Pro Wrestling history. With so many MOTY candidates under the LVL UP umbrella, this bout surely deserved to be on No. 1.

With so many debuts this year there is no doubt Bamboo is the Rookie Of The Year – with much respect to every worker who debuted this year. He had some great battles with J2 Mattioli & Super Astro Jr. and also made his debut for Millennium Pro Wrestling & several promotions in Mexico. Many predict that he will end up 2023 with Championship gold.

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