Level Up Newsflash 02/16/2023: LVL Up & Tag Team Championship Matches announced for U.N.I.T.Y., SHOWCASE date + Matchcard announced! Bad Dude Tito Seminar announced! | LVL UP News

Level Up Pro Wrestling announced that Terrordome 2023 winner Leo Canedo will cash in his Championship opportunity against CJ Tino for the LVL Up Championship at LVL UP: U.N.I.T.Y.!

Robin Shaw & his Intern will challenge High Fantasy for the LVL UP Tag Team Championship at LVL UP: U.N.I.T.Y.!

Level Up Pro Wrestling announced their next SHOWCASE for February 19, 2023 and their matchcard was announced too!

Zara Zakher made a lot of raves since her debut. From her debut in the Terrordome to her match vs. J2 Mattioli, her stock is rising. And now she is facing another former LVL UP Champion in Jordan Cruz!

Before challenging for the LVL UP Tag Team Championships Robin Shaw & Intern will face Los Otros at the SHOWCASE live event.

2 Newcomers will face each other in a One on One Match. Fatal vs. Joey Hustle at the SHOWCASE Live Event!

After interrupting the Sunday with Sweeney Nocturne Jr. will face the Ground Zero Champion Ju Dizz! Can Nocturne Jr. pull a upset?

The long rivalry between Holy Storm & Shady Boyz will hit the next chapter at the SHOWCASE Live Event. Who will get closer to a LVL UP Tag Team Titles Match?

Jeremiah Fresh will face “The M.A.W.” Michael Hopkins at the SHOWCASE Live Events.

On February 23 you can train with NJPW Strong Wrestler & SoCal Mainstay BAD DUDE TITO at Level Up Pro Wrestling!

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