Lance Cade gets NWA Texas Heavyweight Title shot in June

Lance Cade is fuming after being the target of a three on one attack
most of the match that led to a 20-count out outside the ring last Saturday night in Whitesboro, Texas. The end result Chad Thomas was the last man standing in a Triple Threat match and now gets Texas title shot against champ Ben Galvan.
The crowd was not happy, and neither was Cade, and a review of the match on video proved his protest clearly was valid. Therefore, NWA-SW Commissioner Ken Taylor informed Cade that he will get the next Texas title shot next month at NWA-SW/Lucha Americana in Brownsville.
“I have just this to say….if that’s the way it’s going to be around here I can be very mean, and mean is what you’ll get,” said Cade. Taylor said after reviewing the video it was apparent Cade was targeted by both opponents and was interfered several times by Thomas’ manager Jack Logan at ringside. He further stated that Logan is now suspended as Thomas’ manager in any future matches involving Lance Cade, He also added if he found by video evidence on Logan interfering in any other matches his manager license with Thomas will be indefinitely suspended.
The Valley area of Texas has not been the site of an NWA Texas Heavyweight title match since the early 80’s, so a lot of fanfare will be coming from NWA-SW / Lucha Americana about hosting this title event once again in deepest South Texas.
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