LA Knight Signs with WWE

LA Knight signs with the WWE. Before he was LA Knight, Eli Drake had much success with the National Wrestling Alliance, Impact Wrestling, and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

The artist formerly known as Eli Drake has signed with NXT

LA Knight has signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. He would also appear on NXT Take Over: Vengeance Day Pre-Show. Knight had spent time with the WWE in 2013 as Slate Randal but never had a televised match. Last year, Knight wrestled for the National Wrestling Alliance. He held the tag team titles with James Storm.

Eli Drake No More

Before LA Knight, he went by the name Eli Drake. Drake first appeared for TNA Wrestling on February 16th, 2015. He wrestled in a Five-Way Elimination Match at the TNA PPV One Night Only: Gut Check. Tanga Loa (currently a member of the Bullet Club in NJPW) won the match by outlasting Crimson, Dalton Castle, Danny Burch, and Drake. A few months after that match, Drake would join the stable, The Rising, with Drew McIntyre and Tanga Loa.

On April 23rd, 2016 Eli Drake would win his first TNA Championship, TNA King of the Mountain by defeating Thomas Latimer. On August 17th, 2017, Drake would win the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. Drake would defend that title in AAA Mexico, Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan, at BCW in Ontario Canada, By March of 2019, Drake has left Impact Wrestling. He would spend time working the Independents as well as Puerto Rico.

Eli Drake Joins the National Wrestling Alliance

Eli Drake provided instant depth to the National Wrestling Alliance. Not only was he great on the microphone he was very well versed in the ring. Although he wasn’t in the World Championship picture, the NWA utilized him in a role that seemed he could be a potential challenger. The makeshift tag team of James Storm and Drake would win the World Tag Team Championships at Hard Times. Storm and Drake were the fourth tag team to win the NWA World Tag Team Titles since the 2019 Crockett Cup. Drake would represent the NWA on Primetime LIVE Pay Per View. He and Storm would lose their NWA titles to JR Kratos and Aron Stevens

Knight signs with the WWE

This will be LA Knight’s second time around with NXT. His last experience was devoid of pomp and circumstance. Before his first run with NXT, Knight had much success working for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He was a tag team champion with Brian Cage under the tutelage of Percy Pringle III (also known as Paul Bearer). After Percy passed away, Knight (who wrestled under the name Shawn Ricker) would win the Heritage Championship. After leaving CWFH, he would become a contestant on the TNT 2013 Reality Show The Hero. The show produced and hosted by The Rock, As a contestant, they tested his physical, mental, and moral condition, for the title of Hero and a cash prize. He was eliminated on the 4th episode. But, this time it appears the WWE is recognizing the vast experience he has earned from Impact and the NWA.

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