Kingdom Of Jocephus | Message to Crimson after Nick Aldis betrayal (2018)

After the NWA Worlds Heayvweight Title match, Nick Aldis destroyed his friendship with Crimson. It was Jocephus who interjected to help Crimson from his former friend Aldis. Today this video message proclaiming The Kingdom Of Jocephus is coming and that Jocephus would like Crimson to be a part of it.

The strange and twisted story involving the Ten Pounds of Gold and Jocephus stretches back to November of 2017 when Jocephus first challenged for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Jocephus injured the NWA Champion at the time, Tim Storm, leading to Nick Aldis winning the championship just six days later.

Jocephus, desperate for a shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold, antagonized now former champion Tim Storm into putting up his rematch in an empty arena match. It was inside that brutal fight, that Jocephus won the right to challenge for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

But it was this appearance during the Nick Aldis vs. Crimson match that brought even more questions about the intentions of Jocephus. Now offer by Jocephus to Crimson. What is the Kingdom of Jocephus? What is it that Jocephus wants from Crimson?

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