King Fat Boy is the United TV Champion | UWN News

A pair of brass knuckles would be the demise of Howdy Price’s United TV Champion Levi Shapiro. The muscle of the Bodega, “King Fatboy” Papo Esco is the new United Wrestling Network TV Champion. Billed as a Bodega Street Fight, the pair battled all over the Commerce Casino Event Center at the Red Carpet Rumble. The battle even made its way to the announcer’s booth.

Levi Shapiro

To his credit, Levi Shapiro remained golden for nearly 400 days as TV Champion. Defending the title 16 times, no other champion had as many title matches. Scorpio Sky had 13 defenses in his first reign. Shapiro holds victories over AEW’s Max Castor, Anthony Idol, Jordan Clearwater, Brett Michales, and Suge D.

Papo Esco

Papo Esco is a former United Wrestling Network Tag Team Champion. Esco and Danny Limelight won the United Tag Team Titles last December defeating Social Distancing. The Bodega was able to institute the “Freebird Rule” which allowed them to swap Slice Boogie in for tag title matches. But, The Bodega has been in a bitter feud with Midnight Heat.

When no more television tapings are scheduled in Hollywood, it is safe to say that King Fat Boy will bring in the new year as TV Champion.

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