Kerry Morton vs. Mecha Wolf Announced for NWA Powerrr

Kerry Morton vs. Mecha Wolf title card

In what promises to be one of the best NWA Powerrr matches of the year so far, Kerry Morton has announced via his Twitter that he will be in action on this week’s edition of Powerrr in a Champions Exhibition match against one half of La RebeliĆ³n, and one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Mecha Wolf!

Kerry has only improved more and more as he continues building his career. Indeed, he looks more and more like a star every day. And judging by his recent promos and his social media action, as and when the NWA does pull the trigger and turns Morton heel, he’s really going to have the potential and opportunity to be a first-rate bad guy.

Mecha Wolf, meanwhile, is no slouch when it comes to Junior Heavyweight wrestling, having been a Junior and Crusierweight Champion, as well as a Heavyweight Champion, in several promotions across the world, perhaps most notably for the WWC in Puerto Rico. Mecha can fly with the best of them, but where he may get the advantage over Morton is that the Wolf packs more muscle. Will that be the deciding factor in their encounter? We’ll find out this Tuesday!

It will be interesting if the match is used to set up a bigger storyline. The last time that Kerry Morton and Mecha Wolf set foot in the ring together was on the February 14th edition of NWA Powerrr, where a Kerry mistake led to La RebeliĆ³n picking up the win over the Mortons (and Kerry seemingly losing his temper in a heelish display). This seemed to suggest a bigger story between the two teams, but Kerry has since been seemingly tied up with Joe Alonzo in the NWA and with Barrett Brown and the entire GCW promotion outside of the Alliance.

Tune in to NWA Powerr this Tuesday at 6:05 to catch what should be one hell of a good match!

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