Kenta Kakinuma all fired up in ZERO1, courtesy of NWA Worlds Champion the Sheik

NWA Worlds Champion The Sheik promised to bring his reign of terror to the land of the rising son.  Little did ZERO1 knew what exactly The Middle Eastern Mad Man had in mind.  This picture surfaced on the internet earlier today and the front office of ZERO1 is very displeased.  My understanding is that the Sheik preemptively attacked Kenta Kakinuma who was to team with Masato Tanaka to take on the Sheik who would team with Mark Hussein on May 23rd at Korakuen Hall.  
Suffering from serious burns, there is no indication that Kenta will be healthy enough to compete in this match up.  And with Matt Stone and Mark Hussein by his side, there is no telling the terror the Sheik could bring to the Land of the Rising Son.

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