Kamille Continues Her Championship Crusade

Kamille 600 days champion poster

Once upon a time there had been the Aldis Crusade. Now, although it may not have a name, we are truly in the midst of the Kamille Crusade!

Kamille has been a complete fighting champ during her ongoing run with The Burke and none more so than in recent months where ‘The Brickhouse’ has been seen defending the NWA Women’s Heavyweight Championship all over the US as well as the UK and Canada.

This hectic schedule shows no sign of slowing as more title defences have been announced by ‘The Brickhouse’ herself on social media.

First up, Kamille will be defending this Friday, February 10th, against Valentina Rossi at Coastal Pro Wrestling’s Conquer Kissimee show. CPW is where Kamille started her career, so this is bound to be a big match for her. More information about the show can be found here.

CPW Conquer Kissimmee show poster

After Nuff Said on February 11th, where a No DQ match with Angelina Love awaits her, Kamille will be in action once again on February 15th, this time for Insane Wrestling Revolution at their Sweet Insane Valentine show. Shawna Reed will be ‘The Brickhouse’s partner this time, and ironically, considering the show’s theme, Kamille’s husband and fellow NWA star Thom Latimer will also be in action on the show., taking on Dread King Logan for the IWR Heavyweight Championship. Information and tickets can be found here.

Last but not least, the Title Wrestling Network will be teaming up AML Wrestling for their Ladies Night Out: Triple Shot show on February 24th, an ambitious series of three PPV shows taking place on one day and airing exclusively on Title Match Network. Kamille is in action, alongside the NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered as well as their challengers at Nuff Said, The Renegade Twins in what should be an exciting event. Information can be found here.

Ladies Night Out: Triple Shot poster

The NWA historically has always been at its most exciting with competitive, travelling champions and Kamille represents this ideal in the modern era perfectly. Keep with us here at Alliance Wrestling for all the latest on Kamille and her upcoming defences of The Burke!

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