Justin Overstreet Interview

      There are tons of young guys on the independent scene who are looking to make a name for themselves. Justin Overstreet is just like the rest, but this young star is willing to travel half the country and other parts of the world to get his name on the map. I recently had a chance to sit down with Overstreet to talk about his 25 states in 2012 campaign, teaming with Dan Severn and more.

Q: First off Justin thanks for taking time out of your schedule. Your hometown organization is NWA Main Event but for those who might not be familiar tell us more about Justin Overstreet.

A: Well there really isnt anything special about me. Most importantly I am a father first to my 4 year old daughter. Im pretty much an old man trapped in a young mans body. When I am not wrestling I am studying and training to better myself and constantly looking for bookings to get my name out there.

Q: You have a campaign of 25 states in 2012. Talk a little bit more in depth about that and why you decided to do this.

A: 25 states for a young guy is a long term investment. If I make 100 fans in each state then thats 2500 total. Thats more than what a TNA show draws. Its about getting my name out there and getring peoples attention. Im also in talks with people in Austrailia, Mexico, and England. I wanna be able to look back when I am older and know I gave it a good run. I dont want to be a bitter “vet”

Q: You recently teamed with Dan Severn. How was that experience?

A: Humbling, knowledgable, a keepsake. I grew up watching Dan in MMA and WWE and that to me became a whole new level of awesome to me. Dan quickly became a person I want to be like as my career progresses.

Q: Who has been your toughest opponent to date? Who are some guys you would like to face down the road?

A: So far the toughest has been Deathrow from down here in the Panhandle. He is a massive man who can take a beating yet will turn around and dish one out as well. As for future opponents Id love to face Sigmon or Modern Day Hero. My pre goal for 2013 is to be in contention for the top two NWA belts so Colt Cabana as well.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

A: Its really tough to say but I feel if I keep working hard in the gym and training and studying that I could possibly be in TNA in the next 3 years.

Q: What would you like to say to a promoter who might be considering bringing you in for a show?

A: I sincerely think any promoter would get their moneys worth. Ill bring professionalism to the locker room and will do anything for the fans. If your looking for someone like that then I am your guy.

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