Joey Ryan of the Real American Heroes responds to the Wrong Crowd

I got an email on my myspace from a fan about a team called “The Wrong Crowd” who were apparently “calling us (Machine Gun and I) out” on the NWA Messageboard and this person wanted to know what my response was. Well I told this person that The NWA is not an e-fed and I will not “cut a promo” on a messageboard via Times New Roman. I have to admit though, out of sheer curiosity I decided to look “The Wrong Crowd” up on YouTube to see if they had any matches up. Although I could not find any matches, I did find something up there that did warrant a response. And no, it isn’t your robotic voices or lack of charisma, boys, I want to talk to you about a little something called professionalism. What I saw were “promos” being cut in dimly lit living rooms and worse yet, what appeared to be backyards. I honestly could not believe I was looking at The NWA North American Tag Champs. If you boys are going to represent The National Wrestling Alliance, then the least you could do is be more professional and cut promos in studios like Machine Gun and I or at least backstage at shows where the lighting should be better than a lamp in the corner of a living room. I am willing to accept that not everyone can be at the level of The Real American Heroes, but showing a little more effort would be nice to see.

Now secondly, since I’m already here, I may as well address your “challenge.” Well boys, I highly doubt your worthy of being flown anywhere, which isn’t your fault, you’re just not that famous, or atleast as famous as Machine Gun and I. I mean, when you look at some of these “promos” you have on YouTube that have been up for 4 months and have 160 views and then you look at something like The Real American Heroes vs. Los Luchas in a Flag Match on YouTube and it has more than 45,000 views, I think the evidence speaks for itself. Now to get back to what I was saying, since you guys don’t warrant being flown anywhere, we are willing to extend this offer to you; Either you can fly yourselves out to beautiful California (not sure that you qualify as “TV material” for The Showcase in Vegas) for a shot at us or if you don’t like travelling, you can save up some money from your day jobs and fly Machine Gun and I out to whatever shithole state you live in to have your shot there, because lord knows that Machine Gun and I are use to traveling the world.

Thank you,
Joey Ryan

Joey sent me this message, because he wanted me to post it on the NWA Message Board. It’s up there too. I think this is a pretty ballsy move for the Real American Heroes. The Wrong Crowd has been running their mouths, but they did what they said they would do. They won the North American Titles. And they were capable of getting the former North American Champs to appear at their shows for NWA East. I agree with Joey that if someone is going to take the time to cut a promo it should at the very least be at a venue or studio. And promos should be reserved for videos, not message boards. However, I think enough people have been interested in the development of this story, so it looks like the Wrong Crowd just got their answer.

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