Jody Kristofferson/Brandon Gatson vs Shaun Ricker/Mempho Mofo

This Match comes courtesy of Future Stars of Wrestling who are based in Nevada and Arizona.  Personally I think they put on a great product and although they are not affiliated with the NWA I felt this match in particular showcases a few names recognized by fans of the NWA.  The reigning NWA Continental Champion the Mofo is money.  He teams with Shaun Ricker, previously of Natural Selection and a former multi-time NWA Heritage Tag Team Champion.  Shaun Ricker has all the makings of being a future NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.  Brandon Gatson is a multi-time EWF Champion and is a very gifted performer in the ring.  His partner is the newest WWE signee Jody Kristofferson.. This match was filmed at No Risk No Reward 2, from Sam’s Town Live

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