Jocephus Confronts NWA President William Patrick Corgan (Aka Billy Corgan)

This confrontation just occurred between Jocephus and William Patrick Corgan (AKA Billy Corgan – President of the NWA – National Wrestling Alliance) at a music recording session. Tim Storm’s Journey as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion has been documented via Ten Pounds of Gold including the most recent episode that covered the five day span that Tim defended the title against Nick Aldis and Jocephus.

After the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title match against Jocephus at Tried N True Pro Wrestling, Jocephus claimed that Tim Storm used some sort foreign substance to rub in his eye.

Earlier today, the NWA announced that Tim Storm would be returning to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood this Sunday for their Milestone event. Upon this news,Jocephus demanded a meeting with the NWA President William Patrick Corgan. Our team was there at Mr. Corgan’s recording session when Jocephus arrived. We present this video to report what happened in this meeting.

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