Jim Cornette Resigns from NWA

The NWA officially announced the following:

Effective immediately: Jim Cornette has resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance. As an announcer on the November 19th edition of NWA Power, Jim made remarks during a singles match between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch that were both offensive and do not meet the high standards of decency and good faith of the National Wrestling Alliance. 

To ensure that such an error can never happen again, we’ve established new procedures of review for all NWA programming going forward.

We sincerely regret our failure in this regard.

Tuesday Night during the course of Episode 7 of NWA POWERRR: The Pheonix Rises, James Cornette made a remark that he used a handful of times in the past when describing the toughness of a wrestler. These remarks were found offensive to some of the audience members. The NWA was quick to remove the episode following the response the show received on Twitter and ultimately replacing the episode with that comment removed.

The divide created a stir amongst the Internet Wrestling Community as many people were seeking the removal of Jim Cornette from the show while others were galvanized with the announcer.

James E Cornette has been synonymous with wrestling history and legacy and will be forever connected to the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the years as a performer in front and behind the camera.

The new era of the National Wrestling Alliance was happy to have Jim Cornette as part of their broadcast team starting with their first Pay Per View; The NWA 70th Anniversary Show. Cornette would also provide color commentary for New Year’s Clash and the Crockett Cup 2019. When the Television Tapings were announced for Atlanta in September, everyone expected Cornette to be involved.

Jim Cornette resigned from his duties with the National Wrestling Alliance earlier this morning with a tweet “Morning everybody! Heard any good jokes lately? This coming Friday’s Jim Cornette Experience (wherever you find your favorite podcasts) is liable to be a good one if you like hearing stupid people told what they can do with their stupidity.”

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