JCP ‘Wide World of Wrestling’ S2 EP3 Results

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Here are the results from February 9th’s edition of Joe Cazana Promotions’ Wide World of Wrestling, taped at the 68 Wholesale Arena, Sweetwater TN.

Match 1: AJ Cazana & Jerimiah Plunkett (w/Silas Mason) beat The New Age Villains in a good match after Mason caused a distraction, allowing Plunkett to get the roll-up victory.

Match 2: JCP Women’s Champion Rylee Rockett beat Dreamgirl Ellie in another good bout (Ellie was on great form here) after Rockett hit a springboard X-Factor. Kenzie Paige ran in afterwards and attacked Rockett, leaving her laying.

Match 3: JCP Southeastern Heavyweight Champion Axton Ray beat Tyler Thorn in a really fun little match when Ray blasted Thorn with a modified GTS. Ray is doing a great job as champ.

Match 4: ‘Nature Boy’ Paul Lee won a battle royal to become the JCP TV Champion, last eliminating Gustavo. Lee had sat on the apron during the last moments feigning injury, catching Gustavo by surprise. Paul Lee got on the mic and insulted the audience after.

That’s all for this edition of Wide World of Wrestling. Thanks for reading!

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