JCP ‘Wide World of Wrestling’ S2 EP2 Results

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Here are the results from February 3rd’s edition of Joe Cazana Promotions’ Wide World of Wrestling, taped at the 68 Wholesale Arena, Sweetwater TN.

Match 1: ‘Nature Boy’ Paul Lee beat Wayne Moxxi in a decent opening bout after making Moxxi submit to the figure four. Lee locked a figure four around the ring post on Moxxi after the bell before slamming Moxxi’s leg between two chairs. That looked good!

AJ Cazana & Jerimiah Plunkett issued an open challenge “to the first jabronis that walk through that curtain”.

Match 2: AJ Cazana & Jerimiah Plunkett (w/Perry James) defeated The Stew Crew in a really good old-school style tag match after Plunkett rolled up a distracted Zach Stewart and put his feet on the ropes.

Match 3: JCP Southeastern Heavyweight Champion Axton Ray beat JDL in a very entertaining main event after Ray drilled JDL with a Michinoku Driver.

Great show!

That’s all for this edition of Wide World of Wrestling. Thanks for reading!

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