JCP ‘Wide World of Wrestling’ S2 EP1 Results

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Here are the results from February 1st’s edition of Joe Cazana Promotions’ Wide World of Wrestling, taped at the 68 Wholesale Arena, Sweetwater TN.

Match 1: Dysfunction (Brandon Espinoza & Tom Coffey) beat The Stew Crew (Zach & Dylan Stewart) in a good match after AJ Cazana & Jerimiah Plunkett caused a distraction. Always good to see Espy in action!

AJ Cazana and Jerimiah Plunkett then joined commentary and proceeded to mock and annoy Coach Spanky.

Match 2: ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason (w/Perry James) massacred Bruiser Bob in a fun squash. Silas got on the mic after and demanded two more opponents so that he could take them on at the same time.

Match 3: ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason destroyed Landon Ares & OT3 after hitting both with the Thrill Ride and stacking the pair on top of each other.

AJ Cazana and Jerimiah Plunkett took their leave of commentary: “as always, Spanky, it’s been your pleasure”. Cazana and Plunkett then applauded Silas Mason, but there was a hit of sarcasm involved.

Silas Mason told Joe Cazana to get the name plates ready on the JCP Heavyweight title belt – he’s coming for Axton Ray!

Backstage, The Stew Crew threw furniture around until Coach Spanky calmed them down and gave them a motivational speech, geared towards turning The Crew to the dark side. The Stew Crew quickly put him in his place.

Match 4: JCP Women’s Champion Rylee Rockett defeated Alice Crowley in a decent bout that started a little clumsily but improved as it went along. Rockett took the win with the Codebreaker.

Backstage, Silas Mason and Perry James confronted Joe Cazana and demanded to know where his contract for the Heavyweight Championship is. Cazana advised that Mason would need to earn his shot. ‘Thrillbilly’ retorted by telling Cazana to put whoever he liked in the ring with Mason and “they’re going down”. Then there will be nothing stopping Silas taking the Heavyweight belt…

That’s all for this edition of Wide World of Wrestling. Thanks for reading!

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