Jay Cal Interviews: Vinny Berry | Wrestleville | Lance By Chance

Where is Wrestleville? It is everywhere Wrestling is happening. Since 2017 Vinny Berry has been writing about wrestling for several years. With his hand on the pulse of Gulf Coast Wrestling, Vinny had become quite the expert on the National Wrestling Alliance during the Bruce Tharpe era of the NWA. Last year, Vinny released a book titled Lance By Chance a biographical offering from Lance Von Erich.

Applying his knowledge in producing that book, Vinny released a second book recently titled Pro Wrestling Vault: Volume 1, which features stories ranging from Harley Race, Tim Storm, Ricky Morton, and so much more. You can purchase both books at https://lancebychance.com/. Join us as we discuss the process of writing this book, the National Wrestling Alliance under the Bruce Tharpe era, and more.

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