Jax Dane Unifies the NWA North American and National Titles

Take everything you know about the history and the tradition of the National Wrestling Alliance and just huck it out the window. Last night in sin city, two of the most prominent championships in all of the NWA became one. Jax Dane defeated Tim Storm to Unify the Championships and thus changing the direction of the National Wrestling Alliance radically from 24 hours earlier.

For those unfamiliar with Jax Dane… it’s time to pay attention. Prior to Dane’s Highlanderesque feat of unifying the titles, Jax was known mostly as a tag team wrestler. His previous accomplishments teaming with Raymond Rowe as the Path of Resistance scored him the then NWA Lonestar Tag Team Championship. Dane would later partner with Rob Conway to gain the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Defeating the Killer Elite Squad and losing the titles to TenKoji. However since Dane has set his focus as a singles competitor Dane has been on a tare. Dane defeated Lou Marconi (a multi National Champion) in Millersville Tennessee for NWA SAW. And now adding the NWA North American Championship to his resume it seems that perhaps Dane’s end game lies in Japan against Hiroyoshi Tenzan and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Tenzan defeated Rob Conway (Dane’s best friend and tag team partner) to win the World Title.

As a side, the last time the NWA North American Championship changed hands in Las Vegas was at the Orleans Arena during the NWA Pro Wrestling Summit when Damien Wayne defeated Dru Onyx to win the title August 24th 2007.

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