Jax Dane surgery a success.


The man who unified the National and North American Championship titles recently revealed that he well be out of action due to injury.  “[I] will be having surgery to repair a torn tricep. We are looking at repairing a rupture (90%) that occurred while competing in the ring.  Normal recovery time is a a 6 to 8 month window.”  Ever the optimist, the man affectionately known as Godzilla closed out with “Adversity doesn’t define us – our response to it does!”

Dane’s injury couldn’t come at a worse time.  After unifying the titles, it seemed like Dane’s destiny was lining up for a run in with NWA World Champion Tenzan.  Although the surgery was successful, Jax Dane will have a long road of recovery before he can step back into the ring.  In time Dane will return and I for one, wouldn’t want to be the person in front of him to get to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Get well soon Jax, the NWA needs you.

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