IWA Puerto Rico: Savoldi gives his side of the IWA Controversy

Credit to Lucha Libre Online
A rough translation from AltaVista – Babel Fish

With revealers and until surprise declarations, Mario Savoldi offers its version to us of the controversy that has been provoked in the high hierarchy of Internacional Wrestling Association (IWA) during the last weeks. Savoldi denies all the accusations that as much Savio Vega as Miguel Perez have made on their person. Mario accuses so much to Perez as to Mr. Juan Creek (Savio Vega) to commit fraud when taking control of a company (including its materials) that belongs to him. Our interviewed person declares forcefully that the person with the rights of property and equipment is he, according to the agreement that allowed its arrival to the company. Still more, Savoldi expresses that at the moment such thing does not exist as Internacional Wrestling Association (IWA). The IWA let have use when Mario arrives at Puerto Rico and begins to produce free fight under the name of Internacional Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). According to him, the talent and equipment that at the moment Savio and Miguel use belong to him to the IWE. When not existing such thing as the IWA, the billboards and programs (with IWE material, according to Savoldi) they are illegal and they lack the necessary permissions. This alleged illegality is one of the reasons that take to Savoldi to express their intention to take legal action against “the authentic” calls from the IWA. The interview also speaks of the roll that the past played Savoldi in the controversy with the Universal title of WWC in month of January. Finally, Mario mentions the names of the Puerto Rican superstars of IWE that continue working with him. Savoldi mentions names like Ray González, Hiram Túa, Carlitos and Ricky Vega, like the fighters whom it has in mind to present/display them in the United States and Mexico.

My limited understanding of the situation and from the interview I listened to from Lucha Libre Online, it sounds like IWA Puerto Rico is having some real troubles and it looks like there is a lot more going on then what most “news” sites are reporting. Savoldi says he has written agreements, contracts, and recordings stating his case, which has mostly been ignored by other “news” sites. Either way I hope the issues can be resolved and resolved quickly. On a positive note, the good news is that Savoldi is going to bring his talents; Naturals, Hiram Túa, Carlitos, and Ricky Vega to the NWA Wrestling Showcase. As soon as the next tapings.

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