Is there a war brewing in the National Wrestling Alliance?

Was it really 3 years ago when former National Champion Chance Prophet heard his ankle do its best impression of the Rice Krispies. What could have been a severe career injury sideline Chance Prophet for nearly six months and not only was The National Championship stripped from Prophet so was the limelight from the National Wrestling Alliance. No longer the NWA Poster Boy, the Dark Child started mapping out his return to glory, but setting his sights higher than before. The first step of Prophet’s plan was to regain notoriety. Unlike many wrestlers in the NWA, Chance would look for the bookings that would grant him some attention. Making his way to New Jersey to be crowned the NWA Dawg Pound Champion. The partnership between Chance and NWA DAWG would afford the DAWG Title the opportunity to be defended in New Jersey, Charlotte, Columbus, and anywhere else he could, helped to make the NWA DAWG Title a sought after commodity in the NWA. Including defenses in NWA West Virgina’s Mountain State Wrestling.
Maestro had cut his teeth in the business as Gorgeous George III paying homage to one of the most flamboyant entertainers in the world of professional wrestling. ‘Stro had earned championships all over the United States. The ‘Stro would late be introduced to the World Championship Wrestling and became a household name in the world of wrestling. With Maestro’s blessing, Chance Prophet entered his home with the NWA Dawg Pound title. It is no secret that The ‘Stro much like Prophet isn’t happy with his current standing in the National Wrestling Alliance. And sees Chance Prophet as an opportunity to re-launch himself into the limelight and solidify his challenge to the NWA Worlds Champion.
Is this match merely an opportunity for either of these men to shine? Or is there something more? NWA Dawg Pound Champion Chance Prophet will take on NWA Mountain State Champion ‘The Stro for the Mountain State Championship December 4th in West Virgina. One thing is for sure, the winner of this match should rise up the rankings for the NWA Worlds Championship, but could this lead to a full scale invasion? Could the Stars of New Jersey’s NWA Dawg Pound look to invade West Virgina’s Mountain State? Could ‘Stro have desire to become the NWA Dawg Pound Champion?
Nothing is for certain… but could this mean WAR?

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