Is the NWA World Jr. Champion, Craig Classic, a Wanted Man?

Is there a price on the head of Craig Classic?  Is the NWA World Junior Champion becoming a target of Junior Heavyweights around the world?  Craig Classic, since winning the NWA World Jr. Championship has been jet-setting across the globe putting his Jr. Crown on the line.  Coming off a huge victory, Classic has now defeated two former NWA World Jr. Champions.  Classic this past weekend defeated “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark at I Believe XXX, Classic defeated.  Classic defeated Tony Kozina earlier this year at a NWA Midwest show.  
However, after the show, was a contract.  A contract to defend the NWA World Jr. Champion against a former World Jr. Champion in a rival organization.  In only a matter of days, Classic will defend his price against 
TJ Mack, the former AWA World Tag Team with brother and friend of the Alliance Kirby Mack.  TJ is also a former AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion.  This match with take place at PWX on June 18th  
When we talked to Craig Classic a few months back for Alliance Radio, Classic made it clear he would answer any challenge.  The past few months, the NWA World Jr. Champion has defeated Lince Dorado (also stole his mask), Nick Impact in and won both the PRWA Puerto Rico Jr. and the IPW/PPW International Jr. Titles in Puerto Rico.  Classic went to New Jersey and defeated Joey Spades and Colby Corino.  It should be noted Classic has a schedule dating out to early 2012.  No doubt about Classic is representing the NWA proudly, but for how much longer?  Tony Kozina has demanded a rematch, Christopher Gray gets a shot at Classic upcoming at the next NWA Florida show, also defenses against Mike Jackson and a return to Japan are not to far away. 

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