Is it time to extend an olive branch to CMLL?


In Five Things the NWA Should Consider Doing in the Future, I mentioned a partnership with CMLL. But I neglected to mention a slight bump in the road. There’s some bad blood between the NWA, and CMLL. For those that aren’t aware CMLL is the oldest promotion still in existence. For a period of time, they were also affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance. But CMLL decided to leave the NWA back in the eighties during a period of infighting. The NWA demanded that, they return the NWA belts but they refused. These belts were eventually rebranded to have “Historic” in the name, but this doesn’t magically change things. The Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Welterweight titles still have NWA in the name.

The NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship was defended recently. Volador Jr. versus Cavernario was an excellent match. I recommend checking out all of CMLL’s live events on YouTube. They’re always free, and action packed. If they notice an increase in English commentary in the chat, it might lead to something. Who knows! But lets get back on topic shall we? New management brings a whole new attitude, and perspective on things. NWA President William Patrick Corgan doesn’t have any negative feelings towards CMLL. So, I believe that he may be the key that opens the door. Mr. Corgan has no ties to the previous administrations. Since taking over, the NWA President has put the NWA back on the right path.

CMLL already has cross-promotional dealings with NJPW, and to a lesser extent Ring Of Honor. Our champion Cody Rhodes wrestles for both of these promotions. Cody Rhodes versus Rush would be big. A Cody versus Rush title match would have an amazing building up. Los Ignorables, and the Bullet Club fight for supremacy. Who’s the more dominant force? Will Cody retain or will Rush triumph? This feud leading up to the NWA title match would be extremely profitable. Fans in Mexico, Japan, and America would be throwing money at it immediately.

Do you think,  the NWA President should extend the offer to CMLL?

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