IPW UK announces the opponent for Nick Aldis and the Ten Pounds of Gold

IPW:UK has finally broke silence with the opponent to challenge Nick Aldis and the Legendary Ten Pounds of Gold. Jimmy Havoc has been announced as the man to face the National Treasure at IPW UK’s Undisputed II on Sunday December 23rd at Mote Hall at the Maidstone Leisure Center in Kent.

Jimmy Havoc’s career initially began with the National Wrestling Alliance UK in 2005. Havoc worked with NWA Hammerlock, which was affiliated with the NWA until it disbanded. Havoc at that time feuded with Zack Sabre Jr. over the NWA UK Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Havoc was unsuccessful in his challenges would eventually capture the NWA UK Jr. Heavyweight Championship by defeating Cell on December 4th 2011 in Essex.  Interestingly enough NWA Hammerlock used to run the Mote Hall regularly back in those days.

Since then, Jimmy Havoc has become one of the brightest stars of British Wrestling.  Havoc was the IPW:UK World Champion from August 2015 to September 2017.  Outside of being one of the cornerstones of IPW: UK, Havoc is a regular for Defiant, Progress, and ICW. He’s beeen featured in American based promotions Impact, MLW, Defy, and Ring of Honor.  Havoc has even been used in Australian promotions Explosive Pro Wrestling and World Series Wrestling.  Havoc’s last match for IPW:UK’s Final Encounter where he defeated Bad Bones.

Nick Aldis has spent eleven of the past twelve months as the reigning and defending NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.  Aldis lost the title to Cody Rhodes at one of the biggest independent shows of the 2018, All In.  Only to regain the title the following month at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show.  Aldis spent nearly a year defending the title on four different continents, including China and Australia.  This will mark Aldis’s second NWA Worlds Heavyweight title defense.  Before the Worlds Heavyweight Champion faces Havoc, Nick Aldis has to get through Billy Gunn in Puerto Rico and Ricky Knight Jr. on the 22nd.

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