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NWA POWERRR took a deviation this week from it’s original format. Typically the show features 3 to 4 matches and feature backstage interviews with May Valentine or promos with Kyle Davis at the podium. Episode 35 of NWA , POWERRR would introduce the NWA Champion Series. This week, POWERRR laid out the foundation for the series. The Captain that wins may deny anyone on his team an opportunity to challenge against them. Or the winning captain can chose to challenge and an existing champion.

Team Captains

NWA Front Office identified four Legends from the show; Melina, Taryn Terrell, Velvet Sky, and Austin Idol. These “legends” would be partnered with four currently reigning champions. Aron Stevens (1/2 of the Tag Team Champons), Da Pope (TV Champion), Kamille (Women’s Champion), and Nick Aldis (Worlds Heavyweight Champion). Team captains as designated by the NWA are Stevens and Terrell, Sky and Pope, Idol and Kamille, and Melina and Aldis. The captains were then responsible for drafting their teams. Team captains drafted 3 men competitors and 1 woman competitor. They were randomly assigned alternates incase a need would come up.

Draft Order and Selection

The team of Idol and Kamille drafted first. The draft order snakes meaning, Pope and Velvet Sky would get the 2nd Round Pick. Kamille would chose Latimer (which didn’t sit well with Tyrus’ manager Idol. Taryn and Aron would draft Tyrus, mostly to get into the head of Idol. Aldis picked Crimson. And Pope picked Trevor Murdoch. Sky wanted Jennacide in Round 2. That would require all of the other women to be chosen in this round. Melina picked Skye Blue, Terrell would pick Lady Frost and Idol would select Paige. Round 3, Kamille would pick up Kratos, Taryn would select JTG, Aldis would select Fred Rosser and Da Pope would pick up Jax Dane. In the final round Pope would select the Mystery Man, Aldis would chose Slice Boogie, Taryn would chose Marshe and Kamille would pick up Mims.

The office would also assign alternates. Rinauro would go to team Idol and Kamille. Clearwater would go to team Stevens and Terrell. Plunkett would end up on Aldis and Melina’s team. And Colby placed with Pope and Velvet Sky.


All of the results will have values. Winning, Losing, Disqualifications, etc. all will have value and will be included in the final results. Each team was able to slot their competitors into a spot, the higher they were slotted in the 4 spots, the more weight there wins and losses would carry. Again the spots went back and forth between captains. There was also a bit of strategy in play as with Stevens and Terrell putting Marshe Rockett against Thom Latimer indicates that they were unsure of the ability of JTG or Tyrus to get the victory over Latimer. But putting JTG against Mims gives them an upper hand and Tyrus against Kratos, is a rematch from Back for the Attack, which favored Tyrus.

Similarly, with Pope and Velvet have so much faith in Jennacide and Trevor Murdoch dominating their matches. As you

The Champion Series will certainly breath new a direction for the NWA for the next few weeks at they Race to the Chase, but should provide some new matches and perhaps kick of new angles for the NWA going forward.

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